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2024 Buddyrider® Series 2 Dog Bicycle Seat

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For dogs under 12 lbs, add the Buddyrider™ booster cushion. To quickly switch between bikes, add a Buddyrider™ second receiver. We occasionally have OPEN-BOX units available at a even further discounts.

Important Details

Ideal for dogs from 5 to 25 pounds 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty Ships within United States Only



New 2024 Buddyrider Series 2 is here!...comes with our exclusive paw grip padding (only available at The Dog Outdoors) and 15+ year history of happy customers and happy biking pups🐶 

The new Series 2 design 

Boasts extensive flexibility for bike mounting and better caters to various dog sizes and shapes with its adjustable paw deck. It features a sleeker, more compact metal deck and upgraded hardware for improved aesthetics and functionality. Learn more below...


*As seen on the hit show Dragons' Den (Canada's version of Shark Tank)

Will the Buddyrider™ work for me and with my bike?

In most cases the answer is Yes. Check out this handy guide to double-check and make sure that installation will be a breeze.

Buddyrider Series 2 Description

The Buddyrider™ dog bicycle seat is a fun way to safely take your dog along with you on bike rides. Unlike other bicycle dog carriers and front or rear mounted dog bike baskets, the Buddyrider™ is mounted over the center of the bike so the extra weight has virtually no effect on handling. This is the sturdiest and most stable dog bike seat we have tested. For larger breeds a dog bike trailer or dog bike leash is ideal, but for smaller dogs weighing up to 25 pounds, there is no better alternative than the Buddyrider™. We even offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

EXCLUSIVE Optional Accessory (Optional Paw Pad Grip Pad)

About our Exclusive Paw Platform Grip Pad

Some dogs like to rest their paws up on the paw pad platform of the Buddyrider instead of the floorboard. This platform is also ideal for longer dogs that need a bit more space. Our exclusive cushioned foam grip pad easily adhears to the paw pad platform to make things more comfortable for your dog. It adds better grip for your pup's pads offering them an enhanced sense of security. This is the same durable material used on stand-up paddleboards and other accessories where durable grip is needed.  Currently available in two color options (blue or gray). 

New Features on the Series 2 Model

Experience enhanced flexibility and functionality with Buddyrider Series 2, featuring adjustable front and back positioning, robust M6 bolts, nutwells, and a sleek, compact metal deck for improved aesthetics and performance.

  • Enhanced Positioning Flexibility: Adjustments for front and back positioning are now conveniently located on the bucket itself, offering greater flexibility compared to Series 1.
  • Sturdy Fastening System: Series 2 utilizes robust M6 bolts and nuts to secure the bucket to the metal support deck, a significant upgrade from the M4 fasteners used in Series 1.
  • Integrated Nutwells: Unlike Series 1, Series 2 incorporates nutwells within the bucket, providing a receptacle for the nuts rather than permanently embedding them.
  • Adjustable Paw Deck: Introducing an adjustable paw deck that can be easily raised or lowered to suit your needs, offering enhanced customization options.
  • Sleeker Design: The latest iteration features a sleeker and more compact metal deck, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Does The Buddyrider™ dog bike seat come with everything I need?

Yes. The package includes:

  • The Receiver (This mounts Buddyrider™ to your seatpost)
  • The Buddyrider Support Bar
  • The Buddyrider Plastic Seat Assembly
  • The four point harness to keep you dog in the Buddyrider™
  • Paw pad grip pad (optional) for extra paw traction (Dog Outdoors Exclusive)
  • If you want to use the BuddyRider with more than one bike, you will need a second receiver
  • If your dog is smaller than 12 lbs or less, you have the option of ordering a booster cushion. For the really little guys you may also choose to use your dog's own secure harness.

Will the Buddyrider™ work with my bike?

In most cases the answer is Yes. Check out this handy guide to double-check and make sure that installation will be a breeze.

Will my dog fit in the Buddyrider™?

The Buddyrider™ was originally designed for the inventor's 23 pound Parsons Russell Terrier and made with as much flexibility in mind as possible. Obviously some dogs fit better than others, but the dog bicycle seat should fit dogs from 5 to 25 lbs. The following guide goes into a little more detail and discusses different breeds. The information in the guide is by no means 100% accurate in every case, but will hopefully make your decision a little easier when considering size.

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Buddyrider™ Harness Adjustment

Manufacturer Safety Message

If you choose to purchase and install the Buddyrider pet seat, please understand the risks involved in cycling. Cycling can be inherently dangerous, especially when carrying passengers or cargo of any kind. You must wear protective gear at all times (helmet and gloves etc). The owners, directors, employees, and or any other representatives of the Buddyrider will not be held responsible for damage caused or injury sustained through the use of the Buddyrider pet seat. Further more you assume all risks associated with the fitting and use of the Buddyrider pet seat.

*The manufacturer recommends NOT MOUNTING TO CARBON FIBER SEAT POSTS. If you have a carbon fiber seat post, it should be replaced with an aluminum or steel seat post. Your pet must be secured in the seat at all times using the safety harness provided. Please carefully review the Installation and Instructions tab toward the top of the page. Now go have FUN! The Buddy Rider for sale in the USA at The Dog Outdoors. Not available at Amazon. 


Buddyrider Safety and Installation Instructions


Read instructions carefully before placing a pet the Buddyrider dog bike seat. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious injury. By attaching the Buddyrider pet seat to a bicycle you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the warnings and instructions, and understand the inherent dangers that may be associated with transporting a pet on a bicycle. Only experienced adult cyclists, who are very confident in their abilities as a rider should transport a pet using this seat. 


Buddyrider Installation Instructions

Buddyrider Sketch



1. Assemble the Buddyrider dog bike seat by raising the front platform and securing the center support arm with one of the supplied screws and a washer. (See Fig 1. above) 


2. Attach the metal bar to your bicycle seat post. There must be at least 1.9 - 2.5 cm of post exposed below the seat to make this connection. Keep this connection as high up the seat post as possible. This will give the rider more legroom when peddling. 


3. Position the Buddyrider pet seat on the metal bar as far forward as possible without causing any interference with the steering post or handle bars of the bicycle. 


4. Make a small pencil mark on the metal bar right behind the dog bike seat. 


5. Remove the pet seat and also the metal bar using the quick release pin. 


6. Position the Buddyrider seat on the metal bar in the same position as it was while on the bicycle and turn both of them upside down. Slide the pet seat along the metal bar as if to cover the pencil mark until four of the drill holes simultaneously line up with the screw sockets on the bottom of the pet seat. 


7. Using four of the screws and washers provided, mount the pet seat to the metal bar. Make sure all four screws are in position before tightening. Steps 1 through 7 should never need to be re-done unless the pet seat is mounted on a different size bicycle, in which case the four screws may have to be re-located in different holes to adjust the length. 


8. Install the assembled pet seat to the bicycle using the quick release pin and be sure to secure that with the cotter pin provided or a small pad lock.


Safety Harness - Install and connect as shown

Your dog must be secured in the seat at all times using the safety harness provided.

Buddyrider™ Harness Adjustment


Step by Step


1. Place your dog in the Buddyrider seat in a sitting position as far back in the seat as possible. 


2. Connect and position the rear buckle over your pet's shoulders and adjust the rear straps equally. 


3. Position the collar strap around your pet's neck so it is just below your dog's own collar. Connect the front buckle and adjust the collar strap to size. 


4. When your dog is in the sitting position with their front legs along the upper platform or straight down, adjust the front straps equally so your pet is restrained from standing. Just like a seat belt on a child car seat, the Buddyrider harness is designed to limit unnecessary movement so your pet remains in a safe position to enjoy the ride. 

  • Prior to using, check that the dog bike seat is secure to the bicycle and no parts are cracked, loose, missing, or broken.
  • Due to the size and weight associated with transporting a dog on a bicycle, extreme care must be taken at all times. The rider may be required to make quick corrective action when the pet moves its weight.
  • Care should be taken when placing your dog into the seat, and also when removing them. This should be done in a safe place away from distractions such as other pets and traffic.
  • Initial rides should be brief, over smooth ground, in a safe location and away from all distractions.
  • Increase the duration only when both rider and dog become accustomed and confidant using the Buddyrider.
  • Never leave a dog unattended in this bicycle seat. Due to the higher center of gravity, a bicycle may fall over if parked on its stand or without proper support.
  • Do not allow your dog to become a distraction when riding. Keep your focus on the safe operation of your bicycle, the rules of the road, the environment around you and other cyclists, pedestrians and vehicular traffic.


Have Questions? Explore our frequently asked questions for quick help. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here for you.


What makes the Buddyrider ideal for riding with my dog?

With a Buddyrider, your dog sits in a comfortable secured position in front of the rider and between the seat and the handlebars. This optimizes the riding experience for both rider and buddy alike by allowing both a full field of view while at the same time keeping both essentially snuggled together. Riders and dogs love this! The Buddyrider is centrally mounted between the rider and the handlebar. This gives the rider better balance and control because the additional weight is more evenly distributed at the center of the bike – not on the handlebars or rear wheel. Buddyrider’s central positioning also allows the rider to interact with their buddy – so you’re always in tune with how your dog is reacting to the bike and the surrounding environment.


How does my dog not jump out of the Buddyrider?

Your dog is secured in the Buddyrider using a four-point system, including a collar and four tie-down straps. Two tie-down straps are attached to the front of the seat of the Buddyrider. Two are positioned at the back.  Each tie-down is threaded through the collars so you can adjust the fit for your dog.


Will my dog be comfortable in the Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider is designed to let your dog adjust its position to whatever’s most comfortable. Your buddy can sit upright or rest its front paws on the paw deck. You can optionally add a thick foam and fleece lined booster seat cushion for added comfort (ideal for dogs 12 lbs or less).


How do I get my dog used to the Buddyrider?

To get your buddy ready for their first ride, we recommend getting them comfortable in the seat while it is on the ground. Have a few treats ready to help encourage them if they’re hesitant. Once you and your dog are ready, attach the Buddyrider to your bike. Put your dog in and walk your bike to get them used to the idea, praising them along the way. When your dog is comfortable, start with short rides to see how they do and then slowly increase the distance. Many of our riders report that their buddies are fully adjusted to their Buddyriders after a few short rides.


Will my dog fit the Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider is designed for dogs between 2.75kg (6lbs) and 11.34kg (25lbs) with as much flexibility as possible. . Dogs, like humans, come in all different shapes and sizes!  Reference this page to help you determine if your dog will fit your Buddyrider. If it doesn’t fit, not to worry - return it within 30 days.


Will the Buddyrider fit my bike?

The Buddyrider has been designed to fit the vast majority of bike styles. Check out our Bike Guide to confirm. If it doesn’t fit, not to worry - return it within 30 days.


I have a carbon fiber/titanium bike frame. Can I use the Buddyrider?

Because the Buddyrider receiver is made out of aluminum, it could potentially damage the carbon fiber or titanium seat posts.  If you have a carbon fiber/titanium seat post, you should replace it with an aluminum or steel seat post before attaching your Buddyrider. Replacement seat posts are easy to come by at any bicycle shop.


How easy is it to take the Buddyrider on and off the bike?

A quick-release pin-and-clip makes it easy to remove your Buddyrider from your bike. A discreet, 10.16cm (4") receiver stays on the seat post – so you’re always ready to re-attach and go for a ride with your buddy! Optionally, purchase a second receiver to make it a breeze to switch between bikes.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE. The price of the Buddyrider includes free priority shipping from our US warehouse, ensuring that you receive your Buddyrider as fast as possible. Typically the Buddyrider will arrive within 3 business days from the time of purchase.


Can I return the Buddyrider?


We want you to love your Buddyrider as much as we do. If you don’t â€“ if your dog doesn’t fit your Buddyrider or if it doesn’t fit your bike â€“ you have 30 days from receipt of your order to return it with all its original packaging. Please ensure all the parts are wrapped carefully to prevent any damage or pieces from going missing.