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"I've never seen a better engineered product, in any category. Beyond my expectations in every way. Very easy to install & use. Buy an extra bracket or two, if you have other bikes."

-William L. (PA, United States)

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Customer Reviews

Great invention, my dog turns his head around to kiss me while sitting on Buddy-rider. Oliver and me give the buddyrider FIVE Stars” - Cathie O.

"We installed our Buddyrider yesterday and took our toy poodle, named Daisy, for a ride. Daisy LOVED it! The product was very easy to install and it is a lot sturdier than I had expected. It is very solid/stable. Great product." - Jeff, Seattle, Washington

"Oh my goodness, we LOVE our Buddyrider...Put Tika in her new "seat" and she loved it right away. We have been having so much fun riding our bikes around the trails at the park. However, we don't seem to get too far when someone stops us and asks where we got the neat bike seat for our dog." - Cheryl

"Just wanted to drop a line to say how much Zander and I enjoy the Buddyrider. It's PERFECT!--I had tried a trailer, basket in the back, and basket on the handlebars. They all had some major disadvantage for Zander or for me (he weighs 18 pounds). I retain good weight distribution and handlebar use with the Buddyrider." - Karen E

"Got it installed on my bike yesterday, and we went for a test run today. It is great!! I said "Toby let's go in your Buddyrider" and he ran to the door (this is a dog that hides when he sees the leash come out for walks). He sat there like a furry little king as we went around the block. Can`t wait to go for some longer rides now. I love having him up close & personal.... Much better than the trailer." - Felicity, C

"We tried other carriers and Titus was never as comfortable or as relaxed as he is in the Buddyrider. Thank you and it's a great product!" Darrin and Titus

"Our little buddy "Jake", is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! He seemed quite comfortable, even on the first ride.
The Buddy Rider is easy to assemble and just takes seconds to remove and clamp in place when needed! Thanks for a Great product." Julie, Jim and Jake


Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat

Answers to common Buddyrider questions from customers

What is a Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider is a popular dog bicycle seat attachment for dog owners who want to take their small dogs on bike rides with them. The Buddyrider's patented design allows pet owners to safely and comfortably transport their small dogs on a bicycle offering a secure and comfortable ride for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds (11 kg).

The Buddyrider attaches to the seat post of a bicycle frame and features an adjustable harness that securely holds the dog in place. Optionally add a padded booster cushion for extra comfort or very small dogs. The design allows your dog to sit upright just in front of you with their weight distributed evenly over the center of the bike. This make Buddyrider unique and provides a stable and balanced ride for both the dog and cyclist.

Are Buddy Riders Safe?

When used properly with precautions, Buddyrider dog bike seats can be one of the safest options to bike together with your small dog. However, it is important to note that riding a bicycle with a dog can present some risks. Let's discuss some of the simple safety measures to ensure rides with your best buddy go smoothly.

Some precautions to take when using a Buddyrider bicycle dog seat include:

1) Ensure your dog is properly secured in the seat using the supplied harness to prevent it from jumping out or falling off the bike. You may want to consider the Buddy Booster seat cushion for dogs less than 12 pounds.

2) Make sure you are comfortable and in control when riding a bicycle. With the Buddyrider installed, you should still be able to stop and have your feet touch the ground for stability.

3) To get your buddy ready for their first ride, we recommend getting them comfortable in the seat while it is on the ground. Have a few treats ready to help encourage them if they’re hesitant. Once you and your dog are ready, attach the Buddyrider to your bike. Put your dog in and walk your bike to get them used to the idea, praising them along the way. 

4) Start with short rides in areas with few distractions and gradually increasing the duration to give your dog time to acclimate to the experience while avoiding busy roads and crowded areas in the beginning.

5) Keep a close eye on the dog's behavior and stop the ride if your  dog appears uncomfortable, scared, or in distress. Remember to bring along water for the ride and let your dog take breaks. Ideally the Buddyrider should be used as a means to transport your dog and not a substitution for taking them on walks, playtime at the park, etc...

Overall, using a Buddyrider seat can be a safe way to transport a small dog on a bicycle and we have found the design to be hands-down better and more stable than an ordinary dog bike basket that mounts on the handlebars. Many of our riders report that their buddies are fully adjusted to their Buddyriders after a few short rides.

How much does a dog have to weigh for Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider is designed to safely and comfortably transport small dogs weighing up to 25 pounds (11 kg). However, it is important to note that the suitability of the Buddyrider will depend not just on the weight of your dog but also on its size and shape.

Before using a Buddyrider seat, take a look at this guide to determine if it is a good match for you and your pup.