Will Buddyrider fit my bike?

The Buddyrider is suitable for most bicycle styles, however there are some fitting requirements. To help you determine if the Buddyrider is likely to fit, please measure your bike as per the instructions below and take note of the information regarding seat posts and step through bikes.

If it doesn't fit - not to worry return within 30 days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Seat post must be between 2.5cm and 3.17cm (1” and 1 1/4”) in diameter .

  • At least 4.45cm (1 3/4”) of seat post must be revealed to attach the Buddyrider.

  • There must be 48.5cm (19”) or more between the seat post and the handlebar post.

  • 10.16cm (4") of clearance is required so the handlebar does not hit the Buddyrider. (Note that the image is shown with the Buddyrider position at its furthest point back from the handlebars. The exact position on your bike may vary.

  • Have a step-through (or ‘ladies’) bike?

    Note that your Buddyrider will mean you need to mount and dismount the bike ‘gentleman-style’. Make sure you can touch the ground while seated.

  • Have a suspension seat post?

    You’ll likely need to replace your suspension seat post with a rigid seat post so that the Buddyrider is mounted high enough both for fit and your comfort. They are available at most bike stores.

  • Have a carbon fibre or titanium seat post?

    To prevent damage, you’ll need to replace your carbon fibre or titanium seat posts with an aluminum or steel seat post.