Scott's Favorite Option For Biking Smaller Dogs

Scott's Favorite Option For Biking Smaller Dogs

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Buddyrider™ Dog Bicycle Seat
Personalized Buddyrider Dog Bike Seat
Buddyrider™ Spare Seatpost Attachment
Most stable bike seat on the market. Securely holds dogs up to 25 lbs.
Buddyrider dog bicycle seats can now be personalized with your dog's name
Quickly switch the Buddyrider between bikes.
Buddybooster™ Cushion Insert
Buddyrider & Booster Seat Combo
Open Box Buddyrider
Cushioned booster seat for Buddyrider bike seat. Ideal for dogs 12 lbs and under.
Buddyrider with removable cushioned booster seat. Added comfort & ideal for dogs under 12 lbs.
Open box Buddyrider in like-new condition for discounted rate

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Why We Like The BuddyRider Better Than Other Dog Bike Baskets & Carriers

When it comes to safely bringing a small dog biking with you, we have yet to find an option that is more sturdy and safer than the BuddyRider dog bike seat. Unlike traditional dog bike baskets and carriers that hang off of the front handle bars and sag, the BuddyRider sits over the center of the bike and is completely stable. The mounting hardware is much easier to install than other baskets and carriers and the durable design and sturdy floor with foam padding means that there is absolutely no sagging for your dog.

You will have much more control than a traditional bike basket or carrier and unlike a dog bike trailer, your dog will still be right up front with you so you can make sure they are comfortable - plus they get a great view and can feel the breeze. Most dog bike baskets and carriers can hold a max of 15 lbs and even then, the flooring begins to sag. Having the basket hanging over the front of the handle-bars makes it more unstable and less secure for your pup. The difference in balance with a BuddyRider vs a standard bike basket is incredible. Plus, the best part is that the BuddyRider can hold dogs up to 25 lbs. People searching for a dog bike carrier that can hold dogs 15 pounds, 20 lbs or more finally have a safe option. The BuddyRider dog bike seat comes with a built in harness to ensure your dog can't jump out, but allows them to remain comfortable at the same time. For dogs that are 12 lbs and under there is even an accessory called the BuddyBooster cushion that acts as a booster seat for the little guys - ensuring they are still comfortable and safely secure. Feel like quickly switching between bikes? Just purchase a spare seatpost mount and you can make the change in seconds.

"We installed our Buddyrider yesterday and took our toy poodle, named Daisy, for a ride. Daisy LOVED it! The product was very easy to install and it is a lot sturdier than I had expected. It is very solid/stable. Great product." - Jeff, Seattle, Washington 

"Oh my goodness, we LOVE our buddyrider...Put Tika in her new "seat" and she loved it right away. We have been having so much fun riding our bikes around the trails at the park. However, we don't seem to get too far when someone stops us and asks where we got the neat bike seat for our dog." - Cheryl 

"Just wanted to drop a line to say how much Zander and I enjoy the Buddyrider. It's perfect--I had tried a trailer, basket in the back, and basket on the handlebars. They all had some major disadvantage for Zander or for me (he weighs 18 pounds). I retain good weight distribution and handlebar use with the Buddyrider." - Karen E 

"Got it installed on my bike yesterday, and we went for a test run today. It is great!! I said "Toby let's go in your Buddyrider" and he ran to the door (this is a dog that hides when he sees the leash come out for walks). He sat there like a furry little king as we went around the block. Can`t wait to go for some longer rides now. I love having him up close & personal.... much better than the trailer." - Felicity, C 

"We tried other carriers and Titus was never as comfortable or as relaxed as he is in the Buddyrider. Thank you and it's a great product!" Darrin and Titus

"Our little buddy "Jake", is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! He seemed quite comfortable, even on the first ride. The Buddy Rider is easy to assemble and just takes seconds to remove and clamp in place when needed! Thanks for a Great product." Julie, Jim and Jake

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