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SaltyDog Saltwater Proof Stainless Steel Dog Collars

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The Dog Outdoors SaltyDog™ saltwater proof dog collars might just be the last collar your dog ever owns. We built a waterproof collar that is made for dogs that love to get dirty. Water immediately beads off the dog collar material and never stays wet. The SaltyDog™ is made from extremely strong, yet flexible granite Biothane material and comes complete with rust-proof stainless steel hardware and rivets. While the material has a break strength of 1000 lbs it is still soft to the touch. Whether at the beach or rolling in the mud, this saltwater dog collar will never stink and easily wipes clean to look like new after every adventure.


  • 100% Freshwater/Saltwater Proof
  • Rust-Proof Stainless Steel Buckle and Hardware
  • Granite strength, soft-touch, flexible biothane material (1000 lb break strength)
  • Easily wipes clean and will never stay wet
  • Won't harbor smells or bacteria
  • High visibility colors
  • Add holes or cut material without need to burn ends
  • Proudly made in the USA

Testing The SaltyDog™ in Saltwater

The Caked on Mud Test


  • In the pool, river, or lake
  • At the beach
  • Playing in the mud
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Getting dirty
  • Looking sharp and smelling good

Scott's Thoughts

In my opinion, this is the sturdiest, best dog collar on the market (I may be a little biased, but I think you will agree). For years I had searched for a strong buckle style dog collar that was easy to keep clean, wouldn't stink, and wouldn't rust. Growing up on the coast, I knew how quickly things can rust and just wasn't happy with other collars I found. Plastic buckle collars were an option, but I had concerns about strength. Plus they just didn't look as nice as buckle style collars. We finally came across a material called Biothane that had all the qualities I was looking for. Biothane coated webbing has incredible strength, yet is still soft to the touch. Water beads off of it and mud easily wipes away. In short, the material remains looking brand new after tons of abuse. You can literally leave one of these dog collars buried in mud for a week and rinse it under the sink to look like new. No bacteria or smells will stay on the collars. It was the perfect solution to that wet, stinky dog collar smell. We worked with the manufacturer to find just the right style Biothane that would offer unparalleled strength without being too bulky. We then coupled this material with a strong stainless steel dog buckle and sturdy stainless steel rivets. This will prevent rusting even in coastal environments. You can check out the salt water test video above to see the results after a week in ocean water. Combine all this with the ability to add holes to the collars or cut them to a custom length while maintaining their waterproof properties. We hope you enjoy the SaltyDog collar and your dog looks sharp and stinky-collar-free for many years to come.

Sizing Guide


Ensure The Perfect Fit. Print Paper Version Of The Collar

Just print the following PDF (DO NOT scale to fit when printing) and follow the instructions on the page to print an exact replica of the collar that you can try on your dog before ordering. 

Printable Collar Measure your dog's neck where you would like the collar to sit and compare to the chart below. Or print the printable paper collar above and test on your dog.  


Ruler shows measurements in inches 


Medium - Entire Collar Length is 19 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 13-15.5 inches 


Large - Entire Collar Length is 21 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 15-17.5 inches 


X-Large - Entire Collar Length is 23 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 17-19.5 inches 


XX-Large - Entire Collar Length is 25 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 19-21.5 inches 


XXX-Large - Entire Collar Length is 27 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 21-23.5 inches

All Videos

Testing The SaltyDog™ in Saltwater

The Caked on Mud Test