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Lali's Comfort Strap Covers

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Comfortable fleece padded harness strap covers made to fit the dog harnesses we carry or most any dog harness with straps.

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Lali's Comfort Strap Covers are a Dog Outdoors original. Add comfort to any dog harness and prevent rubbing. We found that many dog owners were looking for a way to add extra comfort to their dog's harness and help prevent rubbing and chafing - especially when jogging or biking. We couldn't find anything out there we liked so we decided to make a solution ourselves. My mom Laurie (Lali is what our 3 year old calls her) is hand sewing these fleece covers made to go over the straps of your dog's harness. She uses the highest grade non-pilling fleece material available - Polartec® 300 weight. Using a special super-strong stitch allows you to easily cut to desired size if you choose to do so with no fraying. Our sizing guide (see above) lets you easily match your dog's harness with our recommended strap cover size.


  • Made of Polartec® fleece for unparalleled quality and durability
  • Machine Washable
  • Slides over any harness strap cover to help prevent rubbing and add comfort
  • Extra strong internal stitching for smooth surface area that won't add friction
  • Easy to cut down to size if needed
  • Comes with optional Velcro strips for extra security if desired

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Sizing Guide

How to pick the right size Follow the directions below to determine the appropriate "width" and "length" you need and then select these options at the top of the page. 


Choosing the right size harness strap cover is super easy. If you already have your own dog harness that you purchased somewhere other than our website, please use CHART 1 below to determine the appropriate size "width" and "length" to choose above. Just measure the width of your dog's current harness strap that goes behind the front legs and compare that measurement to the chart. Then choose how long you want it to be to give ample coverage. 


If you have a harness that you purchased from us or plan to purchase from us, choosing a size is even easier. Just look at CHART 2 below and match the type of harness and size with the appropriate strap cover "width" and "length". Remember that the straps can be cut to size if needed so if you are on the fence about the length just choose the longer size. If you have any questions please feel free to email us. *You will use either CHART 1 or CHART 2 to determine the right size - NOT both. 


Picking the correct size to match a harness we do not carry

*This chart shows the actual width and length of the different strap cover options we offer so you can match a harness you already own.




Picking the correct size to match a harness we carry

*This chart shows the options to pick if you have (or plan to purchase) one of the harnesses we carry



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Why Buy From Us?