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EzyDog Hands Free Dog Leash - 6 Functions In 1

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6 Functions in one leash! The Vario 6 really earns the title of a Multi-Function Dog Leash - With six functions built into one leash, it is the most versatile dog lead available on the market. Both soft and durable, the Vario 6 has been built to last and will help stop your hands getting burned whenever your dog runs or tugs at the leash. A Leash for Every Application The Vario 6 works as both a single and a double dog leash. It converts from a 62 inch leash to a 40 inch traffic leash. If you would like to run with your four-legged friend, it even works as a Hands Free Leash. Finally, the leash can be used as a short or a long tether if you want to tie your dogs down for a short time. Super Soft and Super Strong! The Vario 6 starts with the EzyDog special blend of super soft nylon webbing and then we double it up for extra strength! The snap clip is heavy duty and built to last - We then finish it out with reflective trim for night time safety.


  • Multiple functions in a single leash
  • Made from Proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing
  • Double webbing thickness for extra strength
  • Heavy duty plastic D-Rings built to hold even the largest dogs
For added length when using the hands-free function try a leash extension or better yet a bungee leash extension (my personal favorite combination).


See The EzyDog Vario 6 Hands Free Dog Leash Up-Close

*Carabiner clip has been replaced with standard clip in latest version 

Parker Using The Vario 6 Leash With The Canny Collar

Scott's Thoughts on This Hands Free Dog Leash

The EzyDog Vario 6 hands-free dog leash is currently my favorite leash - not just because of the hands-free function, but for its other configurations as well. Check out the video above to see all of its uses. My wife and I use this leash with both our dogs. It is convenient for her when she is strollering our daughter around the neighborhood and needs both hands free and on the stroller. I like being able to walk with my hands in my pocket when it is cold out or be able to send and check text messages when going for a walk. There is also something about the way you walk when using the hands-free function of this leash that is more natural and confident; the dogs seem to sense this and pull less.

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Sizing Guide

Leash Length 5 Foot Leash, but can also be used as a 3 foot leash, a double dog leash, a hands free leash as well as a short and long tether. Watch Video Demonstration.

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See The EzyDog Vario 6 Hands Free Dog Leash Up-Close

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