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EzyDog Dog Flotation Device

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EzyDog DFD™ Life Jacket

The Doggy Flotation Device combines top performing flotation with comfort for all day wear both in and out of the water. Recognized as one of the top dog PFD's on the market, our dog life jackets are rigorously tested to ensure that they give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible. The DFD includes up to 50% more ultra-buoyant material, strategically placed to keep your dog safely afloat while maintaining a natural, easy swimming position at all times.

Contoured Neck Flotation

Contoured neck design enables an ergonomic fit that allows dogs to maintain their natural swim pattern while keeping their head above water.


Reflective accents are incorporated throughout the DFD to increase nighttime visibility and overall safety.

Grab Handle

The sturdy grab handle located on the back makes it easy to guide your dog into and out of the water or keep them close when necessary.

Built-In Leash Attachment

No collar, no problem! The DFD comes standard with a built-in leash attachment for escorting your dog to the water and keeping them close.


Paddle Boarding

Dog Cam


Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available - this dog flotation device has been designed and extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible.

Dog Flotation Device Details The unique ultra-buoyancy foam is strategically positioned within the vest to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times. Unlike other dog life vests, this flotation device does not hinder your dogs' natural movement and can be quickly and easily fastened and removed. Other great features include our ergonomic grab handle and super-strong nylon D-buckle allowing you to easily transport and secure your dog when required. This handle is great for lifting your dog onto a dock, boat, kayak, etc...

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More Info

Why use a dog flotation device

We all know most dogs can swim. So why might you need a dog flotation device? There are tons of reasons. Here are a just a few reasons to use a dog life jacket...

1) It's great to use a dog flotation device when going out on the boat. Not only for safety reasons, but also because it makes it easy to get your dog back in the boat. The super strong handle on the top of the EzyDog flotation makes it easy to lower your dog in or lift them out of the water.
2) The EzyDog flotation device is great for older or disabled dogs (amputee dogs for example) that have a tough time swimming on their own. The special head flotation flap keeps your dog's head above water at all times.
3) I take my dog Parker on the kayak fishing with me and like for him to be able to swim alongside to cool down. A dog flotation device is perfect when your dog will be swimming for an extended period of time - even dogs get tired of swimming. And when I need to get him back in the kayak, the handle makes it a breeze.
4) Some smaller dogs are not the best swimmer or might be scared to swim. This dog floatation device is comfortable on dogs of any size and lets them move as they naturally would. Who knows, maybe it can even help some dogs get over their fear of swimming. In any case, this dog life vest is a great training tool when teaching young dogs to swim.
5) This particular dog flotation device is designed and has been extensively tested to ensure your dog is comfortable and can move naturally. The neoprene straps are especially nice to prevent rubbing on your dog's underside. Of course safety is one of the main benefits of using a dog life vest. This vest keeps your dog perfectly positioned and their head above water at all times. There is more flotation in these vests than any others I have tried out.