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Dublin Dog KOA Collars - Blue Marlin

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Dublin Dog KOA collars are a combination of unique styling and waterproof technology giving you bold style for big adventures. Impervious to dirt, moisture and odors, KOA dog collars rinse clean in seconds. No more stinky, damp, dirty dog collars. These are great for the lake, river, or even the beach with their rust resistant hardware finish.


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Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide 


Small - Not available at this time 


Medium - Fits dogs with neck sizes of 12.5 to 17 inches (Band width 1 inch) 


Large - Fits dogs with neck sizes of 17 to 21.5 inches (Band width 1 inch)


Print Out Paper Replica Collars To Ensure The Fit

Over 90% of our returns come from folks who accidentally order the wrong size collar. To save yourself some hassle,please take a second to read and print out our collar sizing instructions.




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