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BayDog Monterey Bay Life Jacket Offshore Edition

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Serious Safety - Extreme Comfort

Traditional canine life jackets can press on your dog's neck and cut into your dog's tender underside with thin nylon belly straps.

The Monterey Bay Offshore Life Jacket supports your dog's entire body from below and lifts their head above the water line due to it's unique padded chest design. The main difference between the standard Monterey Bay life jacket and this offshore version is that the offshore model has two large extra flotation pontoons on the back. The purpose of these pontoons is to ensure that when a dog falls off a boat, even if they are upside down or sideways, they will always seek the surface, and the pontoons will roll them upright.

Additionally, the offshore model has an added larger flotation pad underneath in the chest area - this is unique to the offshore model. This pad ensures that even if a dog falls off a boat and swims in circles until they get exhausted, the lifejacket will keep their head above water while their butt sinks a little bit. Therefore, your dog will float safely until they can be rescued. 

The Monterey Bay Offshore life jacket has two sturdy grab handles (M, L, XL only - smaller sizes have one) to make it easier to get your dog out of the water. This feature allows you to lift your dog up with two hands and pull them back up so it is great for large, heavy dogs. If you have ever tried to pull a large dog back into your boat without a life jacket, you will very much appreciate this feature. The material of the dog safety vest is saltwater-resistant and has a D-ring for attaching a leash. Additionally, it has reflective piping for improved visibility at night, and it is super adjustable to fit any size or shape of dog.  Available in nautical yellow, as well as blaze orange, and it comes in five different sizes.



On the back of the lifejacket seek the surface to roll your dog upright


Keeps your dog’s head above the waterline for enhanced survivability in varying sea conditions


Ergonomically designed to allow complete range of swimming motion


A second handle added with reinforced stitching, makes it easy to pull your dog aboard (M, L, XL only).


Bright colors that are easy to spot


360 degrees of nightime visibility

Detailed Features

  • Saltwater resistant D-ring
  • Strategic pontoons to prevent rotation in rough seas
  • 600D abrasion-resistant Oxford construction
  • 360 degree reflective trim
  • UV resistant coating
  • Double secure closure with large hook & loop panel plus buckles
  • Lashing containment to ensure loose straps won't get tangled
  • Reinforced rescue handle
  • Ergonomically designed for a dog's natural swimming movement
  • Quick-dry material
  • Hi-visibility color
  • Expandable neck collar
  • Enhanced chest and torso flotation designed to lift the head above the waterline
    Superior flotation with complete torso support providing bottom up flotation