Normal Leash vs Dog Bicycle Leash

Can I use a normal leash? Using a normal leash while biking your dog is not only dangerous for you and your dog; it can be dangerous for others around you as well. Let's talk about some of the reasons this is a bad idea:

  • You have to hold the leash in your hand instead of having both hands securely on the handle bars
  • Your dog can pull you over because there is nothing to absorb the shock as they pull
  • Your dog can run in front of the tire and get hurt or worse
  • The leash can get caught in the tire,chain, or sprocket of the bike and cause disaster
  • The dog can run too far out to the side of the bike, taking up too much space and making it dangerous for both the rider and others nearby
  • If you drop the leash, your dog can get loose and get hurt
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