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Dublin Dog Waterproof Collars - Chevron

Dublin Dog Waterproof Collars - Chevron
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    *Over 90% of our returns come from folks who accidentally order the wrong size collar. To save yourself some hassle, please take a second to read and print out our collar sizing instructions.

    Scott's Thoughts

    These collars are awesome! They are definitely some of the sharpest looking dog collars I have come across; and the fact that they are completely waterproof and stink-free makes them all the better. This might just be the last collar your dog ever owns.


    This isn't your grandpa's dog collar. The first thing you'll notice is how it feels in your hand. Solid. Tough. Like it could stand up to some serious abuse. And it can, because it's created from a special blend of polymers that are nonporous and 100% waterproof. (The nonporous thing is important, because that's what prevents our collars from harboring odor-causing bacteria.) The Dublin Dog patent-pending dog collars are created in such a way that they won't absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbor bacteria. Let's face it, if it's wet, muddy or stinky, your dog will find it. When he does, just rinse the collar under a bit of water and you're ready for the next adventure!