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Personalized Nameplate Waterproof Dog Collar

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PRINTABLE version of collar for exact sizing below. Try it on your dog before you buy it.

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• Text fields are suggestions only. Add any info you like. 

• Ships within USA only


Ships within the USA only. Due to the custom engraving required for the ID tags, please allow 2 business days before shipping. Tags ship separately from collar (at no additional charge) and may arrive a couple of days later.

Personalized waterproof dog collars with stainless steel nameplate ID tag. Bright, easy-clean urethane coated nylon is completely waterproof and will never smell. Nameplates are deeply engraved and come with a guarantee that the text will remain legible for the life of your dog. The stainless steel nameplate can easily be removed and transferred to another collar if desired.


  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless steel slide-on nameplate with deep engraving (not short-term laser etching)
  • All-weather urethane coating offers waterproofing and easy clean-up
  • Won't harbor dirt, smells, or bacteria. Simply rinse or wipe clean.
  • Strong, nickel plated buckle hardware
  • Can be cut down or have holes added without affecting waterproofing
  • No more annoying jingling hanging ID tags
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Making Your Dog's Personalized Collar

Step 1 (Choose Size & Color)

Choose the correct size collar for your dog and pick the color you like. We offer several ways to measure and ensure the right fit. If needed you can cut or add holes to these collars.

*If you have access to a printer and your dog, try on a paper replica of the collar before you buy

Just print the following PDF (DO NOT scale to fit when printing) and follow the instructions on the page to print an exact replica of the collar that you can try on your dog before ordering. Printable Collar

*OR take a look at the chart below to see exactly where the holes match up on each collar size.

Measurements below are in inches

**If your dog is at the high end of a size or you like the collar to be slightly loose, we recommend going up to the next size. You can always add holes or cut these collars down if necessary.

*If you are having trouble viewing the image above and don't have a printer nearby, see the measurements below.

Small - Entire Collar Length is 16 inches (fits dogs with neck widths between 10 inches and 12.5 inches) *Width is 3/4 inch

Small/Medium - Entire Collar Length is 18 inches (fits dogs with neck widths between 12 inches and 14.5 inches) *Width is 3/4 inch

Medium - Entire Collar Length is 19 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 13-15.5 inches

Large - Entire Collar Length is 21 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 15-17.5 inches

X-Large - Entire Collar Length is 23 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 17-19.5 inches

XX-Large - Entire Collar Length is 25 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 19-21.5 inches

XXX-Large - Entire Collar Length is 27 inches *Width is 1 inch. Fits neck range of 21-23.5 inches

Step 2 (Provide Nameplate Information)

Choose the information you want to be engraved on the stainless steel slide-on tag. The fields listed above are just suggestions for the information you can include. You can provide any information you like in these fields or even leave some blank. If one or more fields are left blank, your dogs name will automatically be larger. Text is deeply engraved in all caps for legibility.

That's it. We will get your personalized collar out the door within 1 to 2 business days.

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