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2021 Dog Bike Leash Buyers Guide

2021 Dog Bike Leash Buyers Guide
Caution for biking during the summer: Please bike only during the coolest parts of the day and for shorter distances. If you will be on a hard surface, press the back of your hand against the ground and make sure you can hold it for 7 seconds without discomfort to ensure it is cool enough for your dog. Bring plenty of water. Your dog should ALWAYS set the pace. Biking is only recommended for healthy dogs, 30 pounds or more, that are at least 1 year of age. Please purchase the products we carry only after reading safety information below. Discussion with your dog's vet or licensed specialist is also recommended. Safety Info

Dog Bike Leash Overview

If you are considering biking your dog or buying a dog bike leash, you probably have quite a few questions. I know I did when I first began researching this relatively new activity. This dog bike leash buyers guide is my best attempt to help you in deciding if biking your dog is right for you and if so, what equipment or dog bike leash you need. If you have questions beyond what is answered below, we are happy to help. Just contact us and I will personally answer any question you have and help you make the choice that is right for you. We offer the best dog bike leashes and dog biking equipment on the market - including the Walky Dog Plus, the Bike Tow Leash, the Buddyrider Bike Seat - and are your one stop shop for all things dog biking. Have fun out there! Go directly to our dog biking gear section or keep reading below for answers to your questions. Remember, when you buy directly from our website, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty. You won't find a guarantee like this for the products we carry anywhere else.

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What is the benefit of biking my dog vs walking them?
Can't I just use a normal leash for biking my dog?
Is it safe?
Is my dog a good candidate for biking?
I have a powerful dog - can they pull me over?
What types of bikes do your dog bike leashes work with?
Is there any training involved?
What accessories do I need when biking my dog?
What kind of warranty do your dog bike leashes have?
What if my dog doesn't like the dog bike leash?
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Parker Using The WalkyDog Dog Bike Leash

Dog Bike Leash

Still need more information? Check out our dog bike leash questions section or contact us for personalized help. Just ask for Scott. I have personal experience using the products. I am happy to discuss differences between the dog bicycle leashes with you and make sure you get just what you need to safely take your dog on bike rides.
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