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Xeccon S14 Bicycle Headlight - 1200 Lumens

Xeccon S14 Bicycle Headlight - 1200 Lumens
Xeccon S14 Bicycle Headlight - 1200 Lumens
Xeccon S14 Bicycle Headlight - 1200 Lumens
Xeccon S14 Bicycle Headlight - 1200 Lumens
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    Literally like having vehicle headlights on your bike. Attach it to the handlebars or your helmet. My wife even attaches it to our daughters' stroller for low light walks. See videos below.

    Xeccon S14 Manufacturer Overview

    Xeccon S14 Quick Look 3 Mode Test

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x CREE XM-L U2 bicycle light
    • 1 x Adjustable helmet belt
    • 2 x Installation Rubber Ring for installing on bicycle
    • 1 x Extension cable
    • 1 x 8.4v 4400mAh Battery Pack
    • 1 x Charger


    The Xeccon S14 bicycle LED light is a compact high power LED light fitted with Cree XM-L U2 LEDs. These are some of the best LEDs on the market and offer a max output of 1200 lumens. It's like having a set of car highbeams on your bike. The S14 has three modes: High, Low, and Strobe. There is an indicator light showing remaining power. Battery life is 4 hours and battery pack itself is encased in durable rubber to regulate heat and for waterproofing. The Xeccon S14 comes with a helmet mount system and 4 foot extension cable. It also comes with a thick neoprene carrying case for the battery pack. See above picture for all that is included. Other similar bicycle LED lights go for over $100 and do not offer the power or all the accessories.

    This high power bicycle light is portable and incredibly easy to install and use. It opens up a whole new world of night biking. Unlike many bike safety lights, the S14 not only let's you be seen by others, but also lets you see the road or trail as well as you would be able to if driving a car with powerful headlights.

    Scott's Thoughts:

    For years I have been biking my dog Parker at night using low power bicycle lights available at local stores. I was always hesitant because we biked pretty fast and I couldn't see what was in front of me until we were right up on it. Once I found the Xeccon S14 it changed everything. It literally lights up the road or trail like a vehicle highbeam. The first night out I knew we had to carry this product and after testing a few different models (some which were cheaper and lower quality) I decided to stick with the Xeccon brand. The quality is great and it comes with all the accessories you could could need. It also works in the rain which is a big plus since Parker doesn't like to miss his bike rides no matter the weather. Check out the specs tab above for more detail.