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Using a Dog Bicycle Leash to Exercise Your Dog

Using a Dog Bicycle Leash

Benefits of Using a Dog Bicycle Leash to Bike Your Dog

Exercise is the key to having a happy, healthy, well behaved dog. Dogs that are left at home for long periods of time - even if they have a large backyard - will become restless, destructive, or potentially even aggressive. Most dog experts suggest that you take your dog for at least an hour long walk each day.

The problem is, most people have very busy schedules that don't always leave room for walking the dog each day. Even if they do have time, simply walking the dog is often not enough to release all that pent up energy - especially for very active breeds.

I had this problem myself, so I went out looking for a solution that would allow me to exercise my Lab more quickly during the week when I didn't have time to take him to the off-leash dog park. I enjoy bicycle riding so I decided to look into options that would allow me to bike my dog. At first I tried just holding on to his regular leash and this turned out to be a disaster. Soon after I found information about a special dog bicycle leash that has built in shock absorption and lets you safely take your dog on bike rides. The solution I found was the Italian made Walky Dog bicycle leash. Once I tried it I was hooked - and so was my dog Parker.

Walky Dog Bicycle Leash Action Shots

WalkyDog Information
There are so many benefits to using a bicycle dog leash that I decided other people needed to know about this great invention so I started selling them in the United States. I have had excellent feedback from customers on how this bike leash device has really changed things in a great way for them and their dog/s.

This site has been developed to give you as much information as possible about dog bicycle leashes. Below are some of the highlights I have found from using a dog bicycle leash. I have also created numerous videos demonstrating the Walky Dog in use as well as instructional videos. I always love to hear feedback so please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Using a Dog Bicycle Leash Will:
  • Cut the time it takes to exercise your dog at least in half
  • Help keep your dog happy and healthy
  • Help prevent your dog from being destructive
  • Let you and your dog bond with a new FUN activity