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Ultra Paws "Durable" Dog Boots

Ultra Paws "Durable" Dog Boots
Ultra Paws "Durable" Dog Boots
Ultra Paws "Durable" Dog Boots
Ultra Paws "Durable" Dog Boots
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    Sold as set of 4 boots

    Product Features

    • Ergonomically designed
    • Stays on
    • Durable, flexible, super-grip sole
    • Protection outdoors
    • Prevents slipping on floors

    Ultra Paws Durable boots are easy to put on with unique expanding side seams. Foam comfort fit pads keep boots in place on on paws. Boots are nylon wrapped with Toughtek® making them water-resistant

    Protection from

    • Snow, ice, mud and/or cold
    • Slipping on tile and/or hardwood floors
    • Sand burrs and thorns
    • scratching furniture or themselves

    Getting started

    Fully open the two closures, squeeze the top of the boot intoan "O" shape and slip paw all the way into the boot with the hook portion at the front. Tighten lower closure first, then the top. Tuck your dog's dew claw into the boot if necessary. Please keep nails properly trimmed when using boots for the comfort of your dog and so they don't puncture the material over time. Check boots periodically and re-tighten if needed.

    Go slowly and put on one boot at a time. Don't worry - your dog may be unsure and even "dance" when the boots first go on. Create positive reinforcement by using treats or your dog's favorite toy along the way. Immediately engage in a fun activity and your dog will quickly forget he/she is even wearing the boots.