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Surf Dog Australia Robe Dog Drying Coats

Surf Dog Australia Robe Dog Drying Coats
Surf Dog Australia Robe Dog Drying Coats
Surf Dog Australia Robe Dog Drying Coats
Surf Dog Australia Robe Dog Drying Coats
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    Use them in the car after the beach. Throw one on after a bath for stress free drying.
    Product Description

    G'day mate! Wondering how to quickly dry a dog? Surf Dog Australia Dog Drying Coats are the answer. Unlike regular dog drying towels, these are super absorbent microfiber robes for your dog that you simply pull over their head and tie around the waist like a robe. The drying takes care of itself. Coming to you straight from down under, the Surf Dog Australia robe dog drying coats are now part of The Dog Outdoors beach dog gear collection.

    Key Features

    Surf Dog Australia microfiber dog robes are the perfect way to dry your dog and protect your home or car from wet dog damage! Use them after a bath, the beach, the pool, or any other activity where your dog is sure to get soggy.

    These microfiber dog robes look fantastic - but they are not just for looks. Yes they look great and are a lot of fun - but they are have a serious purpose!

    These dog robes are.........super quick drying machines for wet dogs! Extremely popular in Australia, these dog drying coats are now available for sale in the United States. Find out for yourself why dog drying coats are so popular in Australia.

    The Surf Dog Australia brand dog drying robes dry your dog knot and tangle free!

    The last thing you want is your car (or house) smelling as bad as your wet dog. That's why inventor and Surf Dog Australia owner Sara Holten designed the popular dog beach robes we now carry. Get your dog off the beach (or out of the bath!) and wrap him/her up in this specialty dog robe to save your car (home!) from salt water and sand damage!

    Made of high tech microfiber toweling, the dog drying robes/coats are super absorbent, quick drying and incredibly light. Perfect for dogs as they do not snag like a cheaper toweling version.

    Why We Love These Absorbent Dog Drying Coats

    • Great for after beach or bath
    • Perfect for groomers and show people as they dry your dog in minutes with no knots or mats
    • Quick drying lightweight micro fiber toweling - no snags!
    • Easy to throw over and tie around wriggling doggie tummies. No need for your dog to step into the coat. Just over the head and tie the waist. Tail hole to hold in place
    • Dry off your surfdog and keep your car/home sand and wet dog free!
    • Tail hole for your dogs comfort and to let them show the world how much they love their dog drying robe!
    • They look really cool :)

    Scott's Thoughts

    If you are like me, bathing your dog is a bit of a pain. Our Lab mix Parker (star of The Dog Outdoors) loves getting dirty, but hates getting baths. After getting one he takes off like a raging bull and runs all through the house or around the yard outside - rolling in the grass and dirt. Catching him with a normal towel can be a losing battle or a battle none the less. I have tried regular towels, special microfiber dog drying towels, rolled microfiber noodle towels, etc... Nothing works as well as the SurfDog dog drying coat/robe. The reason is simple...I just pull it over Parker's head, tie around the waist, and pull his tail through the rear hole. The dog drying coat does the rest. No more shaking his wet dog self all over the house and flinging water and hair everywhere. No more rubbing and grinding salt water and beach sand into the seats of our vehicle. The microfiber towel material of the robe absorbs the water quickly and leaves us both happy. Plus, Parker looks really cool in his Surf Dog Australia dog robe. It works excellent at the beach and is admired by all the other doggies and owners that are using regular towels. Not only will they have to wrestle drying off their dog, but they will also have to clean their vehicle up after their dog gets it all wet and sandy. If you are looking for the best towels for dogs, dog bath towels, dog towel for the beach or lake, look no further. Surf Dog Australia has your dog covered - literally :)

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