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ROK™ Leash Stretch Bungee Leashes

ROK Leash Stretch Bungee Leashes
ROK Leash Stretch Bungee Leashes
ROK Leash Stretch Bungee Leashes
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    5 Star Approved by the American Pet Association

    ROK Dog Leash Video Overview

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    Size Information:

    1 inch width - 54 inches long and can stretch 30% of their length. Ideal for powerful pullers 50 lbs and up.

    ROK Dog Leash Product Overview

    ROK Dog Leash - The Ultimate Stretch Leash. It takes the shock, not YOU.

    The toughest dog bungee leashes we have come across. They take the jolting out of walking your large or small dog. Solid rubber internal parts make it extremely chew resistant. Non-stretch handle and traffic leader at base for tight control situations (we love this feature). The patented design of these dog bungee leashes have inherently make them safer, stronger, longer lasting than other straps on the market. These bungee leashes are made by the ROK Straps company which has been a leader in the elastic straps market for years; providing tie-down straps for everything from cargo to military equipment. They decided to convert their super-strong straps into a dog leash and they have really come out with a great product.

    ROK Dog Lead

    • Stretch Convex Solid Rubber Core
    • Stretches 30% of length - 54" in Length
    • Case Hardened Metal Clasp
    • Box Stitched
    • Great as a Training Lead
    • 100% Polyester Braided Outer Cover
    • Waterproof

    Do your arm a favor and give these a try!

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