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WalkyDog Low Rider Attachment



Compatible with original Walky Dog or Walky Dog Plus version. Higher quality metal than original. The Low Rider is an attachment that allows you to attach your WalkyDog at a lower level (the rear wheel axel) of your bike. It can be configured to have the WalkyDog pointing out backwards or forward. This accessory can be used as an alternative to extending the WalkyDog cord or adding a leash extension. We do not recommend biking your dog if they are under 25 lbs or still a puppy. Please use a comfortable dog harness when using the WalkyDog. While the Low Rider option is satisfactory for having a bike leash that comes off the bike at a low point, my preferred option is to use the Bike Tow Leash to have this configuration because of its flexibility and because it keeps your dog right next to you where you can monitor how they are doing better. With all smaller dogs please ride at a slow pace in a low gear on your bike and ride for shorter distances. Biking your dog is an activity best suited for medium to larger dogs with some exceptions. Please always consider your dog's capabilities before biking your dog. Check out our tips and safety section to learn about properly using a dog bike leash. The Low Rider may not be ideal for larger more powerful dogs because of its low positioning. If the Low Rider is causing the WalkyDog to interfere with your dog's stride, please go back to using the WalkyDog standard configuration under the seat of your bike. WalkyDog bike leash is sold separately. Click Here For Installation Instructions

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