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Hurtta Summit Parka


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The Hurtta Summit Parka is a completely revamped, highly functional version of the classic Hurtta winter jacket. Recommended for demanding use. Description The Hurtta Summit Parka is a simple and efficient way to keep the dog's body temperature stable in cold weather. The dog winter jacket is designed to complement the thermal insulation capacity of dogs - especially dogs and dogs with no undercoat. Even dogs with thick and long fur need protection against the cold from time to time. The Hurtta Summit Parka dog jacket protects your dog's most important muscle groups, chest and the sensitive abdomen area. It's quick to put on and take off and is particularly well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training. The Summit Parka has a water-resistant and breathable Houndtex® coating and high-visibility 3M reflectors. Key Features
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable back length, belt and collar
  • Re-closeable opening for harness on the back
  • Protects the chest and key muscle groups
  • Machine washable

Waterproof Outer Shell Test

Sizing Guide

summit parka sizing Sample breed guide (Please remember to measure your dog for the best fit) 12" back: Havanese,Shih-tzu
14" back: Basenji,French Bulldog,Mini Schnauzer,Italian
Greyhound,Boston Terrier,Mini Poodle,Pug,Chinese Crested
16" back: Beagle,Dachshund
18" back: German Pincher,Wheaten Terrier,Cocker Spaniel
20" back: Vizsla,Shar Pei,Boxer,Australian Shepherd
22" back: Portugese Water Dog,Male Boxer,Pit Bull,Standard Poodle,Border Collie
24" back: Female Dobermann,Ibizan Hound,Labrador,Golden Retriever
26" back: Male Doberman,Weimaraner,Rottweiler
28" back: Husky,Rhodesian Ridgeback,Briard,Greyhound,Giant Schnauzer,Old English Sheepdog
32" back: Russian Black Terrier,Bernese Mountain Dog,Mastiff

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