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Bike Tow Leash Two Dog Coupler Accessory



17. 5 inch Long coupler. Bike Tow Leash sold separately

Official Bike Tow Leash brand coupler accessory. Ride with a second dog attached to a single Bike Tow Leash. Attaches second dog's collar to same collar ring as the Bike Tow Leash. Stiffened for excellent communication and positioning between dogs and bike and to prevent tangling. Swivel clips provided on both ends. Comes with additional multiple dog riding instructions. Reduces paw pad wear because it automatically provides loose-leash reward for proper positioning versus pulling away from each other.

*Important note. Please introduce each dog to biking one at a time before attempting to bike two together. This coupler may not be right for all dogs. It is important that your dogs are comfortable walking or jogging side by side. Take your time and use extra caution when attempting to bike two dogs at once. Limit biking in areas with heavy foot traffic or narrow lanes since biking two dogs together will take up more space. We recommend a trotting pace when using this accessory. Always let your dogs set the pace and never pull them along. Make sure one dog isn't pushing the other too hard. Remember that we offer a full refund if you try any of our biking products and don't feel it is safe or comfortable for your dog.

If you have any other concerns or questions, check out our FAQ section at the top of the website or contact us directly at

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17. 5 inch Long semi rigid material