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Some Reviews of the Walky Dog Bike Leash

"I have lost track of the MILES AND MILES of exercise that I have been able to provide for my Australian Cattle Hound who was BORN to run and LIVES to run...........back last spring I purchased your "Walkydog" seat-post attachment bar with the quick-release bracket and I have not had ONE SECOND of trouble with it as my dog and me have seen more of the open-air countryside that I ever imagined possible..........he literally throws a fit when he sees me getting my bike out, and attaching his bar to it.....jumping around, barking, all happy and excited, tail wagging a mile a minute........I guess in "his world" he knows he is about to go "chase cattle".........we are to the point now where 5 miles for him is not a big deal.........and riding along on my 21 speed mountain bike certainly makes it no big deal for me to take him..........I am still using the paw pad protectant that I got from you because we DO cover a lot of concrete and some asphalt.......and we have not had the first problem with him developing sore feet........ just a note to express my deep appreciation for your matchless and extremely durable product. feel free to use this email in any promotional opportunity you might have. this is not the first time I have written bragging on you guys.........My dog and me just got back from an incredible run, and I just had to say one more time: "Thank you for making it so easy for me to keep my buddy strong and healthy by simply attaching him SAFELY to my bike and away we go!!!!!!!!!"

Lewis D Mt. Washington - KY 

"Just wanted to leave a comment about how much I love this product.

The WalkyDog Plus Bike Leash is by far and away the best product that I have come across for taking your dog biking. I have a 7 year old Australian Shepherd who has the energy of a very young dog, and normal walks just dont cut it for getting rid of all of his pent up energy. A month after rescueing him we were running out of hope that he could be a constructive member of the family. That is all changed now. Instead of going for a three hour walk, we can go on a twenty minute bike ride and he is ready to throw in the towel. I really love the flexability in length that you can get with this product by removing a spring or two in the wand part of the leash. This product fits most budgets and for those of us with busy schedules, allows you to get the most out a shorter amount of time (twenty minute bike ride versus three hour walk).

Also, The Dog Outdoors ships quite quickly and the site is very informative and very spot on for helping with issues once you receive the product.

Thanks so much!" - Ashley 

"This leash works SO much better than a standard leash on my bike. That's it! No more walking my 45 lb dog...I'm biking him from now on! And he loves it too!" - Rick 

"Wow. Just wow. I am absolutely in love with this product! We recently saved a shep/husky mix from a shelter and he has more energy than I could handle. I have lost so many blankets, comforters shoes and other household items to his boredom chewing. When this product was sent to me, I was skeptical because I assumed he would be afraid of it.

I am astonished as to how well he took to being attached to the bike! I bought him a harness, as suggested (please do this, it is MUCH easier and safer for the dog), and I hooked him up to the bike and walked him next to the bike. Within 5 minutes, he started lurching forward as if to say "Come on - let's go." So I jumped on the bike and started riding and he immediately kept pace with me.

I kept praising him and praising him and it only made him love it more. There were distractions abound such as barking dogs, cars, and trees to pee on, but he wasn't able to jerk me off the bike. The resistance band is miraculous. Without that, I am positive I would have been injured by him wanting to go after the distractions.

Our first jaunt was short, just 10 minutes, and that mostly is from my lack of endurance but he is already much calmer and relaxed and I owe it all to our WalkyDog Plus!

Thank you so much for a life-saving product!" - Ann 

"Hello there; Well, I received the walky dog leash yesterday....and took Abby out for a run in the early evening.... and this morning we were out at 6 am.....and I have to tell you that I just love it....thanks so much.....sincerely," Lynn 

"I have a large dog and a small apartment. I adopted my lab/? mix because he was so sweet, but terribly overweight (110 lbs!) and I didn't think anyone else would take him.

We worked the weight off him by long walks, losing about a pound a week, and he's now down to 69 lbs and looks more like a labrador than the bear I adopted.

But with the drop in weight came an increase in energy that I could not keep up with.

The Walkydog is a godsend. I was a little worried about how Tulk would take to it: but can you say "duck to water"?

He's a powerful puller, inclined to follow his nose, and going down the "block of a thousand cats" he will LUNGE towards the sidewalk- when he does, you feel it in the bike, particularly if we are going slow- but not enough that I lose control. If we are going fast, you don't feel it at all. The videos on the website were very helpful. One of the best dog-related investments I've made.. He comes home and pretty much falls asleep instantly. And the neighbors thinks it's super-adorable.

We did have some trouble with the harness.

Maybe it is because he has such a deep chest, but big dogs really need to have the ENTIRE thing padded; if parts of it are mesh or webbed strap, people should get the little fleece straps they offer to cover that up. We had to stop biking almost as soon as we started because the harness he had (not purchased from Dog Outdoors) cut into his armpits and left nasty scabs. The straps just sliced into his skin.

After that I felt terrible and was worried about the EZDog because bits of it aren't padded and he's SUCH a puller. (Seriously, in the afternoon, after he's been inside all day, he can pretty much pull me and the bike up the hill with very little effort on my part). So we went with an Urban Mushing harness from Alpine Outfitters. They specialize in sled dog gear, so I felt comfortable knowing that this thing was designed for a dog to pull against a heavy load. It's custom made, so it takes a LOT longer to get than ordering from the DogOutdoors (4-8 WEEKS depending on whether or not it is mushing season). You measure your dog and they send you a custom harness based on your dog's measurements that is padded ALL OVER- if it touches the dog's skin, it is padded fleece. It's really soft- I wish my climbing harness was as nicely made. And the straps are designed so that they never touch the armpits, so he can pull and pull and he isn't using his neck and his skin isn't getting cut up from chafing. They also put the attachment ring on the SIDE of the harness, so that the harness it isn't getting twisted over due to the relative position of the dog and the bike, as well as add reflective tape (this time of year, all our rides after work are in the dark). They'll even sew a name or phone number on the top strap.

Like I said, I loved the service from DogOutdoors. If they offered a product like the Urban Mushing harness I would totally buy it from them, as well, but it seems like such a custom operation that it might be hard to stock those the way they stock their other products. But if people have tried other harnesses and can't find one that fits, but still want to use the WalkyDog, I'm really happy with Tulk's harness. Mostly because now we can bike for longer with the Walkydog and I don't have the impulse to pull over and check him for abrasions." - Amy 

"We are proud owners of two 10 month old German Shorthair Pointers, (brother/sister littermates) who by nature MUST run DAILY! Due to a couple of aggressive encounters at our local dog park, we decided to look for healthier alternatives to aid in energy expenditure. Walking doesn’t cut it! My search led me to The Outdoor Dog website, and ultimately to the purchase of 2 Walky Dogs, 2 harnesses, 2 fleece strap protectors, 2 leash extenders, and 2 puppy water bottles! I am SO thankful for this company’s approach to customer service, both for the ‘peoples and the pups!’ The website and the helpful videos posted by Scott, greatly aided my shopping endeavor. The pups thoroughly enjoy the biking experience, and it tires them out in half the time the dog park did! The ordering process was amazing, and Scott was there to help every step of the way via, emails, website videos, testimonials, etc. GREAT company! The following offers a synopsis of my journey into the Walky Dog experience…..a welcomed and new way of living for my family and our beautiful pups!

Though initially super excited about the Walky Dog idea, I admittedly harbored fears about its safety, and the willingness of our pups to run so close to the bike. I decided to test the “idea” of the Walky Dog using my daughter’s bike, and regular leashes. I tied BOTH dog leashes to the lower cross posts that sit just above the rear tire and below the seat. To my astonishment, it was a GREAT experience enjoyed by all! As a word of caution to those wanting to try the regular leash method prior to the Walky Dog purchase….If you are brave enough to try this…., anticipate EVERY possible burst of energy that could explode out of a high energy dog! Trust me, those sudden bursts are waiting around every corner, and you will experience the rear tire being pulled or lifted over a few inches while riding. Also, take up the slack in the leash so the dog cannot run in front of the bike or out into the street. We had a couple of near miss experiences with the regular loose leashes. Also ensure the leash stays tied to your bike. At one 20 minute point, I looked down, and the leash had come untied, and LUCKILY, my dog was still running next to me.

We enjoyed the regular leash experience tremendously, but I didn’t feel totally safe due to the extreme pulling drive my dogs possess. I decided to trust Scott and the testimonials, and to purchase the Walky Dog leash. Having experienced both the leash and the Walky dog, I would estimate that the Walky dog absorbs 85-90% of the sudden pulls. Don’t get me wrong, expect to feel the sudden large pulls, but also expect to stay and feel in control at all times! Pay attention to your surroundings, and to be aware of your dog’s triggers! The pull has never caused me to lose control, or to even feel like I’m going to lose control…..it’s just a little startling, mostly I think because of the sound the springs make when the dogs dart out….trust me, a springy sound is a good sound!

A couple of days after purchasing the Walky Dog leashes, I decided to purchase harnesses. This adventure proved the most challenging, but not due to this company in any way. Initially, I decided it would be best to purchase from a local pet shop so I could try the harnesses on my dogs and find the best fit. They tried on several, in fact. I finally found one that looked similar to the EzyDog Harness, and purchased it. That turned out to be a disaster! What I thought fit, really didn’t, and after only ONE run, (1 and ½ hours,) my female GSP had red abrasions to her chest, near her front legs on both sides, and 2 weeks later, she still has scabs. Needless to say, we returned the store bought harnesses the same day, and with personal help from Scott, via email as well as the website videos on how to properly size , we purchased the EZYDog harnesses. I would highly recommend using a harnesses with the Walky Dog leash, especially if you have pullers. A word of advice, please spare your dog the possibility of developing abrasions, and go ahead and purchase the protective fleece harness straps. The $7.00 is far less painful than the abrasions your dog may suffer due to extreme pulling and long bike rides, not to mention the pent up energy now because they can’t run till the scabs heal!

Kudos to Scott, his mom and wife and all those who are committed to keeping our dogs and families happy, healthy , and safe.

Sadly……Still waiting for the scabs to heal (from the store bought harness) prior to taking our female GSP out biking again, and our male GSP has since broken one of his toes…….so, we must wait to have fun, but we are more than READY when the healing has taken place! Until then, one of us needs a sedative! Lol!" - Kelly 

"Hi Scott--I just wanted to let u guys know how much Ralph and I are enjoying the walky dog system!!!It is everything I hoped it would be! Ralph is a rescue from PAWS,a AMSTAFF/BOXER mix,muscular 57lbs with energy!I am 55yrs old with arthritis in my knees(unfortunately)and can't run or jog. We walk 2x/day and go to park for longer walks on weekends.As u well know he could use more draining of energy!As the Dog Whisperer says,a tired dog is a good dog.I hadn't ridden a bike since hi-school...OMG I thought I needed training wheels!!!!!I had to practice riding a bike again for cripesake!!Then Ralph and I practiced as u guys suggested walking with him attached to bike.I finally decided we just had to try it and it was like WOW---he took to it like magic!Your videos and suggestions were SO,SO helpful and I am so happy,so is Ralph!Thanks again for an awesome product and support--we love it,wuff,wuff-from Ralph." - Pam 

"Scott, I purchased the walky dog bike system this past winter. The weather was finally nice enough to get out with my 7 month old doberman and try it out. IT IS INCREDIBLE! I walked maybe 200 yards to get her used to it and then took off on it and it was a perfect performer. I like it so much that I put your web sight on 2 different doberman chat rooms that I belong to. I hope you get some more business. Thanks" - Dennis 

"What an amazing product!

We have two dogs, Kai (19 mo) and Spot (15 mo). Since their rescues, we have had the pleasure to be able to be dual-stay at home parents for their entire lives. We recently both went back to work and were riddled with feelings of guilt about kenneling them for 10-12 hours a day. Enter the Walky-Dogs.

They made us a deal: They'll be good boys in their kennels all day long and we, in return, need to be good parents who'll take them on an hour-ish run each night. We bought the Walky-Dogs with this deal in mind. Scott, it took them all of 20 minutes to acclimate to using these along with some "seat-belt" harnesses we found at PetSmart. They LOOOOOOVE to run next to the bikes! Traveling at that speed is much more their speed. Spot, the little one, thinks he's training for the Ididerod;) As the weather has gotten better and Spring has actually sprung here in Oregon, we are taking them out on new trails each day. There is rarely a person we see who isn't grinning ear-to-ear or talking about us when we ride by. The boys are local celebrities! "The happiest dogs around" everyone calls them! My favorite was over the weekend when we rode past a lady walking her dog - her dog was clearly jealous and all she could get out was a WOW!

I joke with my Husband that I'm going to get a laminated print out 8.5 x 11 advertisement to wear as we bike around town;)

Scott you have changed our lives and the lives of our Schmuppies with this thing! We cannot thank you enough!!


The Happy Hughes Family 

"Ordered 2 over a year ago, they work great! I put my 2 dogs on at the same time on either side. We look like a "Flying V", but it keeps us going outside everyday for a good workout. The best selling feature of the WalkyDog is the safety I feel with the shock absorbing spring. It keeps them from tugging my bike around, which keeps us straight, and it helps them not hurt themselves, by consistently keeping them straight." - Jarrett 

"At first, my two year old Lab mix was excited about the idea of going out for exercise in his new harness, but was having nothing to do with the right side of my bike. I had followed the majority of your pictures and mounted the WalkyDog as displayed in the videos for a right hand lead. Rather than frustrating the dog further, we stopped the training process. I shifted the jaw clamp (which mounted in under 5 minutes) to the left side of the bike, and on a fluke, tried the harness on our 7 year old Lab mix, and after a short walk on the sidewalk, i took the old boy for a short run. Whereas this dog, Debo, had been nervous around bikes, he took to the WalkyDog like a duck takes to water. Down the street and back we went as Debo loped alongside. What a pleasure to see him run.

Returning to the house, Harley was all over Debo, and I switched the harness and found him to be more cooperative. After a brief problem getting him to the bike, he warmed up to the left side of the bike, and followed apprehensively to the walk around, and in a couple minutes we were off down the street. Although Harley's gait was a bit reserved, pulling slightly against the leash, he picked up the pace and loped beside me. I believe with a few more trials, he will work well with the leash. I look forward to the rides with both dogs, giving them the much needed exercise they both need to aid in their adjustment to a happier more physically challenging rides. I really need a mountain bike to adjust my speed to their's. My beach cruiser is not the best ticket.

Enough of our story. My thanks is extended to you and your family for providing the video assistance with the merchandise. The in-depth approach you took in presenting your products was instrumental in facilitating quick installation and the quality of my purchases made for an enjoyable application for my dogs. Thank you for the treat for Harley enclosed in the package, it was relished.

My wish is for your continued success and I look forward to other purchases through Dog Outdoors. My best to you and your family. Pedaling for everyone's health," - Larry 

"Hi, Just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE the walky dog. My Mother has a labradoodle who is buck wild! So full of energy he practically vibrates. When she takes him for a 2 mile walk, he comes back it seems like revved up instead of calm, happy and tired. He also looooOOooves to bark! I tell her its because he has so much energy he has to let it out somehow. Well, with the walky dog, he has barked less and wagged more! He's happy and tired after just 1 mile! My Daddy was scared Harley (the labradoodle) was going to pull him off the bike, he has done it before, but with the walky dog, he doesn't pull at all! So I ordered it and tried it out first. I have to admit we were skeptical about the quality, since we couldn't really tell online, but when we opened the box and saw the quality and the heavy duty-ness of the product we were so happy! We didn't have any problems installing it. The quality and craftsmanship of the product really is top notch. I use it for our dogs too! We have a rotti-golden mix(Tucker) and a lab-shepard mix(Chance). I have to say we could have ordered it off of amazon, but your site with your reviews of the product and all the info you give on it, we had to go with you. I love your site and your products we will be doing lots more business in the future! THANKS SO MUCH!!! WE LOVE WALKY DOG!" -Brandi, Sue, Harley, Chance, and Tucker


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we love our new Walky Dog. I have a 3 year-old Beagle / German Shorthair Pointer mix who is very active and loves to run, but doesn't like to be around other large dogs (she gets very defensive aggressive) so we aren't able to get to the off leash park as much as we'd like. After thinking about the Walky Dog for a few months, we finally bought one and it is fantastic. We hooked it up on my bike first and took Gracie around the block (about a mile) and she ran as hard and as fast as she could, loving every minute of it. After a weekend of playing around, we have also set it up on my 10 y/o son's bike and he is also able to control Gracie for a nice run around the block. We think we have finally gotten her to be a little less excited about the bike leash so that (after about 2 miles of all out running) she will actually jog at a slower pace for a little bit.

For awareness, we use the Yuppie Puppy harness with it and found it to be a great system that allows her to pull, but to also feel tension is she pulls too much. So far the harness and the Walky Dog are a perfect combination for us to use with Gracie.

This is an amazing system and the product has met all of our expectations. We will be buying a 2nd jaw clamp so that we don't have to keep moving it from my bike to my son's bike." - Steve 

"I just wanted to tell you I received my order yesterday and I am very happy with the items I purchased. The Ruff Dog harness fit perfectly and only took a few minutes for my dog (Ex) to get use to it. We plan on using it during his tracking training as well as mountain biking. We also tried out the WalkyDog bike leash for a little while yesterday and he loved it. Unfortunately while training with Ex yesterday on recall drills he injured his back paw and can't do anything physical for at least the next 10 days, so our bike riding is going to have to wait until he heals.

Thanks for the quick shipment, we are looking forward to getting to use out new equipment as soon as Ex is all healed up! Also, the videos on your web site are very helpful. Thanks for spending the time making them, it shows you really care about the products you sell." -Tom 

"Dear Scott,

Thank you SO much for the excellent customer service. My order arrived on Friday and my son was able to get the Walky Dog installed on my bike. I think it is going to be great. Savannah, my 1 1/2 year old Lab/Queensland Heeler, is still not sure but she will get used to the idea.

The special treats, that come with the orders, are are great touch and were most appreciated.

Thank you again for the extra service that means so much.

A satisfied customer," - Mary 


I want to say thank you for shipping so fast, and for shipping by UPS. As always UPS got it here a couple days sooner than they said it would be here. I just was getting ready to leave on vacation when it arrived so I waited until my return and installed the leash on my bike. I have a very strong Mini Schnauzer that I rescued 5 1/2 years ago. She will be 6 in June. I am 72 with asthma and several things wrong with my heart, so I was never able to run fast enough or more than a few feet for Gracie. We live in a mobile home park and the distance around it is 1/3 mi. so off Gracie and I set late this morning for a trip around the park. She loves it and thought being able to run was great. I started out at a very, very slow pace where she was only walking, then I let her run and before she could get tired I slowed down to a walk for her again. We only went around once. We came in and she got a drink of water and a cookie and then when I said do you want to "bike walk" she ran to the back door to get her Ruff Wear harness put on to go back out and run but it was too late in the morning and I didn't want her to get too much running. We will be going out about 7 every morning for her to get a run, then I can hook her trailer to my bike and she can ride around town with me and be a happy little Schnauzer. Just use your head when walking a dog as small as a Schnauzer so she/he doesn't get tired and make sure to extend the cord a comfortable length. You're out there for their health, not to give them a heart attack. I was very worried she might pull me over but that didn't happen. She acted as though she had been doing it for years." - Janice 


I received my shipment yesterday and have used the Walkydog on two occasions already. It works great! I now feel in control (and comfortable) while riding our 74 lb. Golden Retriever and I'm sure she is more comfortable with the chest harness. (Oh, and the large harness fits Gracie perfectly.)

I haven't had an opportunity to use the Cujo leash yet.

Thank you!" - Suzanne 

“Hi guys!

Used the walky dog for the first time today with my Boy Homer and it's the best thing since slices bread! Who would have thought that my love for Homer and cycling would go well together! Great stuff and thanks for the tip section!! Absolutely great you guys!!” – Francisco 

"Scott and Jenny, I just wanted to let you know how awesome your website is, I really appreciated the time and dedication you have put into the product videos as they really helped me choose the WalkyDog. We have a Siberian Husky (6 months old) that loves to run... and run... and run... and run... and.... well you get the point! He was no longer satisfied with our "walks" and I started using my bike and a standard leash to walk him out of desperation. For about a month we walked him this way, and after a couple of "close calls" I found your website, saw the videos, and ordered the WalkyDog. We've only been using it for about a week now and he LOVES it! Your videos were key in showing me the capabilities of the product and how it could be configured differently for different scenarios. Excellent job!"

Thanks! Paul 

"I seriously can not thank you guys enough, I was weary about purchase and while waiting for it to be shipped I just thought of every thing that could go wrong but seriously its perfect, works flawlessly and my dog has met his match seriously keep doing what your doing" - Brandon 

"Hello there!

I warn you ahead of time that I love writing, so this will be a long email, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a rescue story. A Walky Dog rescue story. :)

Gracie is a shelter dog who wagged her way into our hearts last fall. I am friends with several people in the rescue community and someone sent me her picture from the shelter with a plea to spread the word, as she was to be put to sleep in a matter of hours and had already had one potential adoptor fall through. I was able to get a reprieve from the shelter while I thought about the responsibilities of adopting a THIRD dog into our home. When I went to meet her in shelter, my heart cried. She was terrified of everyone and every sound. Cute as a button and sweet as pie, but absolutely petrified. After asking the shelter some questions, I learned that she was on the euthanasia list only because she had jumped out of her kennel and gotten in another kennel to snugggle with another dog (they labeled that as a temperment issue). I signed the paperwork and then had to wait for a week for her spay surgery and release date. The shelter had issues with her nearly every day, and kept calling me to "warn" me about her rowdy behavior when the humans weren't around. Fast forward...

When we got her home, we understood right away that she had SEVERE anxiety issues and had BUSHELS of energy. She also had an ability to clear a six foot privacy fence with out even flinching (just four days after her surgery). We walked her and walked her and ran her and ran her....but there was literally NOTHING that would drain her energy (and there is NO WAY I'd roller blade with her....she's insanely fast and I value my life too much...plus I'm terrible at roller blading). The other two dogs couldn't keep up with her, we couldn't keep up with her, and I was DESPERATE because I knew we weren't able to give her what she needed (and I mean...seriously...there are two athletic people in the house. We would run her for 30 minutes or more at a fast human pace and it wasn't even enough to make her jog...she was just walking quickly). Obviously her anxiety, although better, was still bad and she was always completely wound up. I considered trying to find another home for her, but couldn't imagine who would be able to deal with her energy, prey drive and anxiety issues. My most common words the last several months have been "she is a freak. of. nature."

A few weeks ago, I saw a teenager biking his dog down the street. What a strange contraption this looked like, but omigosh how brilliant. I did a little research and found the Walky Dog leash. Why I didn't know something like this was out there sooner, I'll never know. We immediately ordered it (much to our dismay they were on back order). After what felt like a 10 year wait (even though it was really only a couple of weeks), we got our bike leash last Friday. We've taken her out almost every day since then and she's already a bike run expert! I will still say she's a freak of nature because I bike her for about an hour and then we still jog her for 30 minutes...I mean COME ON!!!, but I can't imagine how much better she feels now that we're able to get some of that pent up energy out. I don't feel trapped at home any more...I wasn't able to socialize her much before because she was always so wound up. She's starting to get out in the neighborhood and is doing SO MUCH BETTER with kids and with men. I can't wait to get her to the lake and get her out to some of the awesome local dog events!

I'm sorry for this long email, but I wanted you to understand what we've been through the best I'm able. I'm not sure I can express how grateful I am, I especially can't express it in less than 1,000 words, apparently. :) I was in tears of happiness today on our way back from our bike run....because literally, you may have saved her life. I've been so worried about her jumping the fence when I'm not looking and getting hit by a car, or running off to chase something while we're walking just because she needed to RUN. I sleep more sound this week knowing that our sweet Gracie is finally getting what she needs. Thank you a million times for creating such an amazing product. We will promote Walky Dog tirelessly." - Jenifer 

"When I first bought my walky dog, it sat in my garage for a couple months. I was nervous to use it because both my dogs ( a terrier mix and a boxer) are heavy pullers. Last week I started using the walky dog with great success. I do about a mile and a half with each dog daily and we all love it! It tires the dogs out, we get fresh air, and it's not too much work for me. I work 1 hour shifts on my feet so the last thing I want to do when I get home is walk. We love it. Gonna get a few for Christmas presents for friends this year." Brittany 

"Excellent product. I have tendonitis which makes it painful to hold a leash and ride the bike at the same time not to mention dangerous. My dog loves to run and a regular walks are not enough. We both LOVE this product. Thank You" - vetta 

"I am 64 years young and recently purchased an adult tricycle with the dream of getting some exercise and including my 2 year old boxer puppy, as distance walking is not easy for me.

Off we went on the bike but unfortunately Willow is full of energy and wants to go see every dog we come across and loves to chase cats. Needless to say I could not handle her without placing my dog or myself in harms way. I was so disappointed!

You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that there was such a thing as a bike leash. I studied all The Dog Outdoors videos over and over again to see if the Walky Dog leash could work with a tricycle and decided there was only one way to find out.

The delivery was very fast and Scott answered my questions quickly. He was honest and said he was not sure if it would be safe for my dog as he had not personally tested the Walky Dog leash with an adult tricycle.

I was delighted to share with him that by removing two of the springs from the leash batton (which took 1 minute), it was perfect for our safety. Actually much safer for me than walking because the bungee cord allows the dog freedom of movement but has a firm way of not allowing her to take off on me or pull me over.

The price point is excellent for such a well made product and I would recommend it to anyone who has a bike and would love to be able to safely take their dog with them when bike riding.

A BIG thank you to The Dog Outdoors from a very happy Canadian customer." - Lindy 

"I've been meaning to send you a message and let you know that we had a fabulous vacation with our dog on Mackinac Island in Michigan this summer. The walky dog was great. You were right' our lab was hooked on the walky dog with it's first use. He had more fun than the kids on vacation. You may be getting some business... everywhere we rode people were commenting and asking questions about the walky dog.

Thanks again for the great product and super fast delivery." - Amy 

"Hello! We recently purchased the walky dog, a harness, and the mongrel leash, plus the bungee extension from your site. My husband and I are so impressed with these products that we just had to write and say thank you. If it weren't for your videos showing the walky dog in action, we most likely would not have sprung for the purchase. Seriously, this has saved our relationship with our dog. We adopted our dog about two months ago, and though she was very calm at the shelter, she is actually incredible high energy. She also has a mega tuned in hunting nose and loved to dart off and go crazy over any form of wild life. We were exercising her twice a day, but the walks and jogs just didn't cut it for her. I tried biking her with a regular leash, but she would dart off after squirrels or birds and either cause us to almost crash, or run right under my tire. Both of which were not acceptable. Now with the walky dog, I can easily bike her safely and she loves it. She can run, run, run. (I know it says not to, but I also pull my two yr old in the trailer behind my bike and he loves to cheer her on as she runs.) She is one happy dog, and we are now happy dog owners. The mongrel leash is also perfect to keep her right at my side on walks and the bungee extension allows her some space when I don't need her right close. Plus, the bungee saves my shoulder from ripping out of its socket whenever she picks up the scent of a tiny critter. I am no longer frustrated every time we leave the house with her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Sincerely, Shannon 

"Scott, Thank you especially for your videos that helped me decide that I actually could install and use the Walky Dog leash correctly.

I was a little dubious about the dog part of the trio though, because although I can ride a bike and I was able to install the Walky Dog bike leash correctly, I was not sure how my 67-pound, 11-month-old, stubborn, male Goldendoodle was going to take to the idea.

Watson was a little unsure but he completed a one-third mile loop around the neighborhood well! It went perfectly! In many ways, I wish I'd done this long time ago when I first found that there was such a rig. However, I am happy that I waited so that I bought it from The Dog Outdoors, a company and Web site that I feel confident buying items from with all the great video instructions and examples of how the items actually work with the dogs!

PLUS I bought one of the Canny No Pull Collars -- and wish that I'd found this 10 months ago -- it would have saved my $800 in trainer fees! Watson is still not totally happy about it after two days and numerous walks, but he is getting the idea that the battle/war is actually over.

Thank you for all the effort you have put into your Web site and for offering quality products that actually work! Sincerely - Cynthia" 

"I just wanted to say thank you. Recieved the walkydog yesterday, and have taken both dogs for a run with it. Worked great for dogs of multiple sizes (one dog is a lab mix pup about 10 months old and the other is a border collie/ sheltie at 8 years old.) I loved the control that the walkydog attached to the bike gives vs a leash in my hand. Thank you, and looking forward to do more business with you." - Nikki 

"Hi Scott,

Thank you for shipping the Walky Dog Bike Leash so quickly. It makes biking with our dog a completely different experience, we like it a lot!" Sincerely - Lidunn 

"Scott and Jenny, I just wanted to let you know how awesome your website is, I really appreciated the time and dedication you have put into the product videos as they really helped me choose the WalkyDog. We have a Siberian Husky (6 months old) that loves to run... and run... and run... and run... and.... well you get the point! He was no longer satisfied with our "walks" and I started using my bike and a standard leash to walk him out of desperation. For about a month we walked him this way, and after a couple of "close calls" I found your website, saw the videos, and ordered the WalkyDog. We've only been using it for about a week now and he LOVES it! Your videos were key in showing me the capabilities of the product and how it could be configured differently for different scenarios. Excellent job! PS: The dog treat you included in the box was a big hit with Max! :)" - Paul 

"Dear Scott & Jenny, I received the WalkyDog and EzyDog Harness yesterday and just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I've been out with our high-energy (she truly never stops moving!) lab three times since yesterday evening and I think she might have met her match! She pulls to the side a bit more than I would like to see, but I am hoping that with a little practice she'll stop. The pulling aside, for the first time in five years she is actually tired when we come in from our walk. This afternoon she just walked inside and went straight to her bed and literally hasn't moved since!: :) Tired and happy dog = very satisfied customer!

I also tried it with our giant Great Dane this afternoon. I knew he wouldn't go for long, if at all, but thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. To my surprise, he took to it very well and didn't pull at all (a nice break from the pulling with the lab)! He went a few blocks and back and was pretty tired from just that short ride, but it was a great experience and it's fantastic to know I have an easy, safe and enjoyable method of getting the dogs exercised.

Thank you for providing a place where we can get reliable information from someone who has actually tried the products. I'm so glad to have found your website and to be supporting a small business!" - Katie 

"Hi Scott

Thanks for the prompt shipment of this wonderful tool. After taking our Shetland Sheepdog out just once, we are so happy we purchased the Walky Dog bike leash. It was nerve-wracking to ride with her on a hand-held leash and now my concentration is not divided between balancing myself and keeping my dog in check. The Walky-Dog allows her to run safely beside the bike while I navigate along roads and trails.

It is easy to adapt and install. After about 10 min, I had removed the two springs and had the clasp attached to my bike, ready to go! Wow!

Thanks again" Kathy 

"Hello, Had a great time with the WalkyDog last night (first night) my dog had a blast and it was a great change of pace from running! Thank you again! -joshua" 

"Hi Scott, Thank you so much for sending Lilly a new harness! We use the Walkie Dog almost daily and it has been so much fun! You have a fantastic product (and customer service) and I will continue to highly recommend your website to friends and family!

Sincerely," Allison 

"LOVE the Walkydog! When my boxer mix, Shelby sees her harness, she knows she's going for a bike ride! I also ordered the waterbottle for Shelby, so that she has water for her ride. We go about 1/2 hour almost everyday. It's the one time she gets to pull and not be corrected! Also got the leash that straps across the body, haven't used it yet, but plan on it during the REALLY cold days. Laura C" 

"I received the WalkyDog on Tuesday and 10 minutes later had Shelby running along side me. She usually goes into Super Stealth Squirrel mode when we are walking but with the WalkyDog, she has NO CHANCE! All she needs is about 15 to 20 minutes on the bike and she is a little tuckered out. I love it and most of all Shelby loves it. Thank you. - Laura" 

"Hello Jenny and Scott, My husband and I have been using our WalkyDog bike leashes every day for the past week and a half and can't tell you how much we LOVE them. Our Siberians are running really well with them and we are all having them best time cruising around Big Bear Lake with them. We will send you some photos and hopefully a little video if we get around to it. Anyway, we couldn't be more pleased with our purchase and we are trying to spread the word to the folks up here to get you some more business." Thanks. -Adrianna 

"Here is my review after receiving your WalkyDog bike leash. I would be happy if you would add it to the list of satisfied customers.

I just got the WalkyDog today and put it on my bike in 10 minutes. I had to adjust the distance of the clamp from the bike seat in order to accommodate my dog's height. I then hooked my hound mix to the Walky Dog and walked the bike and dog down the road for a short distance to get her used to being attached to something other than a leash. My dog was a little skittish at first, but once I actually got on the bike and started pedaling, she calmed right down and started walking. We went a little faster until she started to run, and both transitions were very smooth. The fact that I could take my dog for a run with the Walky Dog successfully, only minutes after hooking her up to it says a great deal about the stability and safety of the product. I was totally amazed. You need to go on short rides until you get used to how much and when your dog is likely to pull and be on guard for that, but once you understand the vigilance required you will be set to go. I felt very much in control, and I could tell she enjoyed the kind of exercise she was getting. You need to be prepared for possible distractions. I feel I must remain vigilant at all times and make sure I am sharing this exercise experience with my dog and not just riding mindlessly along.

Namaste, Tiffany" 

"I wanted to drop you a line and say i received my order today . I attached the pole to the bike seat in like 3 min and hooked my dog to it. I walked him once down the street jumped on and started peddling away. Wow the dog followed along like he was made to do it. I just found this dog about a week ago a 300 dollar trip to the vet and several baths later and he is good as new. This is a full grown German Shepard with absolutely no training what soever. he does not even walk on a leash. but this product works . I am so impressed i had to email you and thank you for a great product. I live in Arlington Texas if anyone ever wants to see this thing in action have them contact me and i would be happy to let them check it out. thank you for a great product that really does what is says it does.


"the WalkyDog did great for a 2.5 mile road jaunt from trail end to trail head for 2 dogs. Jane's owner forgot her leash so I used JD's short lead in conjunction with the WalkyDog. Worked perfectly. I was leary that it'd spin the leash on the seatpost with 2 dogs pulling, but it didn't budge. Amazing.

Several active dog friends were excited about both products. Hopefully word will spread.



"Hi Scott!

Just wanted to say a big thanks for sending me the WalkyDog. I just got it the day before yesterday....tried it yesterday afternoon. Works great! Thanks so very much! I get comments from people about how "cool" my dog leash is. :-)

Thanks and have a great weekend! Jeannie" 

"I purchased a pair of these (1 dogs, 2 bikes, 2 riders) and first time out it earned its purchase price. Best thing ever! My whippets love it. They get their people *and* run, their two favorite things.

Mike and Sara Oregon" 

"Hi. I just wanted to say how happy I am to have found your website. I ordered the Walky dog and several accessories and cannot wait to get them. I’ve taken my dog for bike rides before just using a regular leash and have never felt completely safe. My dog would constantly pull me and dart back and forth in front of me causing me to freak out and brake hard. This product looks phenomenal and, once again cannot wait for it to arrive. Thanks for all of the videos showing how your products work. Your enthusiasm and clear and precise instructions really sold me on purchasing everything I did. Thanks again and have a great day, Rob 

"Just wanted to let you know how much we love the Walky Dog. I was worried that 50 lbs of golden would pull me right over but it was as easy as you said. From the first day we tried it, we've really enjoyed it. Great product!

Stan Concord, NH" 


I received the Walkydog leash, and have been using it for two weeks. It works great. It is much safer than tying the leash to the seat. Thanks, Gregg" 


I bought the walky dog a few months ago and since I've been having the most fun in the world!! Biking my dog to work might just be more fun than sex! J/k but really, I love it! -Audrey" 

"I appreciated all the videos on the website to help me chose the best product for my dog's needs. I placed the order on Saturday and the products arrived on Tueday. The Walky Dog was very easy to install and we put it to use immediately and are very happy with the products." 

"It's finally beautiful outside here in New England. I tuned up my old 5-speed bike today and installed the Walky-Dog I bought from you recently, and put the padded-chest harness on our rescue pittie, Yogi. I have desperately needed a way to get him enough exercise, as I don't have room in our house for a treadmill, and he is very energetic.

WONDERFUL! We both love it. Yogi was truly smiling as he trotted and cantered alongside me all around the neighborhood. The spring mechanism served us well when he momentarily got distracted by some kids on skateboards and tried to pull sideways; I was able to correct him ("THIS way") and all was well.

Thanks for offering this great product. I've just posted it on my Facebook news feed so all my fellow dog-loving friends will know about it.

- Anne Diffily Warwick, RI" 

"Quality of the walky dog & harness purchased is exceptional. Products arrived sooner than expected and in perfect condition. Website was easy to use and full of useful information. Nice to see quality merchandise at reasonable prices." 

"The walky dog couldn't have worked out any better. Took the dog for a run with the new leash and he fell right into place. On walks this is the perfect training tool to keep him right next to me. I have recommended this to all my friends." 

"Hi!!!! I just wanted to e-mail you back to say thank you for such speedy service! I got my Walky Dog and low rider attachment last night and after a few minutes my dog, Buster Brown, was running alongside me with no problem. I can already tell the Walky Dog is a lifesaver! Poor Buster has so much energy I just couldn't walk him enough. I was so please with my order I have convinced my boss, Marc, to buy one for his dog too! I think I found the perfect Christmas gift for my parents and their Great Pyrenees!

Have a wonderful day! Amber" 

"I was very surprised and happy with how fast my order arrived on my doorstep. I was, also, delighted to see a couple of treats had been put in the walkydog box. Both my dogs enjoyed those very much. I am so happy to see the The Dog Outdoors really cares about its customers and takes the time for excellent service. Thanks so much The Dog Outdoors!! - Kelly" 

"I just got the WalkyDog today about 6pm. I hooked it up, and took my old English sheep dog out for a bike ride- he LOVED IT! I couldn't believe how well he responded to it. You know with a dog this size and a two year old daughter, there is just not enough time or way I can properly exercise him to the full extent he really needs. NOT ANY MORE! The treat was really sweet, good luck with your business I will defiantly be a returning customer. Already had a few people ask about it.. so I am sending business your way! Thank you so much!" - Misty 

"Wow..Nobody in my family believed that my Australian Shepard Jack could be contained by anything and was sure I was going to kill myself it I tried to ride my bike with him. This attachment worked perfectly from the 1st first try with no training. My dog is crazy and has more energy than any other pet or human I have ever met. We take him to the dog park and he never tires. This is the only things that has ever worn him out. It's a miracle..Thank you!!" - Carly 

"Scott, my name is Clint Collick and I found the "Walky Dog" on line while doing an Internet search for just such a product. While initially skeptical, I read the reviews and thought "for the price what the heck." We have two dogs as you know from my wife's correspondence. One is a Husky/Shepard mix at about 60+ lbs. He is mostly a placid dog but a strong puller. The other is a Border Collie mix at about 45lbs and while not as strong she is a very nervous dog who is skittish. The Husky took to the leash immediately and while on a ride saw some other dogs and tried to pull that way. Nothing doing; he immediately came back to the bike and carried on trotting along side. The Border was initially nervous but within a couple of blocks she too ran well along side with absolutely NO problems. I only needed to remove one spring to get the right length for her height. So, one "walky Dog" that serves two dogs with a minimum of work to change the leash length, very well made, no problems with a strong pulling dog, complete control and we all love it. May have to get another for my wife to use. Great product which works as advertised and worth every penny. Quick service too. Thanks so much." - Clint 

"Best on the market, I’ve tried others but nothing beats the walkydog. It’s great for active dogs, especially the sporting breeds. Rob" 

"Scott & Jenny, attached is a photo of our first trail run with the Walky Dog leash. Grady & I love it! Thanks for your excellent service. Charles" 

"I just wanted to thank you again. I received the clamp. . . . and the dog treat! You're service is the best. And Hunter (my dog) appreciates the exercise... I appreciate the shorter walks since it is getting colder. Take care!" - Nicole 

"We love the Walky Dog. In fact, we got two of our daughters each one for their dogs. The dogs go crazy when they see us get out the bikes. We LOVE it! Thanks so much for your time. I think I will purchase the bike tow after the first of the year once I adopt a new pup. Thanks again!!" 

"I hope you got my feedback on your website. I hope you make a million bucks because that contraption is awesome!" - Stacey 

"I just received the new leash. Again, Thanks for your great customer care. I would like to give a feed back and let other consumer know how great customer care you did but, I could not find the rating service about your company. I would like to give 10 stars instead 5 stars. I can not wait to ride a bicycle with my dog. (still have few more months to wait) Thanks and have a great fall and winter. Best wishes" 

"I got my walkydog a couple of weeks ago. I was a little worried about how my dog would like it and how it would work in New York City! No problems on either front. First of all, my dog loves running A LOT, and it is so safe to use. We have lots of great places to ride that are car free so all is well. Your videos really helped me make a decision and I knew what to expect when I started out with him. Great advice and direction. I did have to tighten my seat post as he is quite the puller:) Thanks a bunch" - Brian 

"My one year old Labrador Chance and I absolutely love the WalkyDog. Chance just loves pulling me around the neighborhood. Great product. The EzyDog Padded Dog Harness is great when used with the WalkyDog. Now I'm looking at the flotation device and Cujo Bungee Leash! Keep up the good work guys!" -Landry 

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for our Walky Dog leash and harness. It came today and my husband and I were excited to see Marley's reaction. She LOVES it!!!! We briefly tried holding her on a loose lead while biking and realized how dangerous that could be, so this is just what we've been looking for. Instalation was so easy! In minutes we were out turning heads and getting lots of smiles from our neighbors. I was taking it slow at first but Marley caught on very quickly and when I looked over at her, she wasn't lagging but pulling me to go faster. I'm sure Marley wants to say thanks too! Wonderful products and fast delivery....you guys are great!" - Rich and Donna 

"I was walking my very active Wheaten Terrier, Dugan, after my husband went over the handlebars on his bike and broke his wrist. No, he didnt have the dog with him, that time. Dugan is 10 months old and we picked him up from the pound about 3 months ago. My husband figured out how to "run" him on the bike with a leash, but wouldnt let me even try! I got a new hip about a year ago, and can no longer run like I used to, and now bike for exercise, and this very active puppy needed more than a walk. So while my husband was recouperating, I was relegated to walking Dugan. 1 & 1/2 hrs wasnt even putting a dent in him. Beautiful weather here in Nebraska, but wow, alot of time, and he wasnt even panting. I had a lady pass us on her bike with her dog in tow! I stopped her, asked her what the heck, and she was more than happy to tell me where to find a Walky Dog! Got it UPSd yesterday, and yes, had it attached to my bike in about 5 minutes. I would always ride beside the 2 boys but never could "run" Dugan myself. He thinks its pretty cool that I now can "run" him too! I feel very safe and secure for the both of us, and that confidence travels right down thru the Walky Dog, and allows us both a very enjoyable ride. I could swear Dugan was smiling when we got home! A very happy, very energy depleted, very tired, and well spent little guy. So thank you for your product. I now find myself yelling out the car windows as I pass another bike/leash combo to check out your website! I get alot of "Thank You's". So heres hoping business goes your way!" Sincerely, -Madeleine 

"Thank you for the quick response. We used the WalkyDog this evening and our dog loved it and so did we. Thanks again" -Diana 

"I just received my Walky Dog today. After 2 minutes to install it on my bike I went outside with my dog and in 5 minutes we were going up and down the block. He has never run with the bike and is pretty much afraid of everything. Every time we go out for a walk his tail is buried between his legs and he is terrified of cars, strangers, other dogs etc. For the first time in 3 1/2 years he was running down the street next to me with his tail out and a big doggy grin on his face. Words cannot express how excited both Finnegan(the dog) and I are with the Walky Dog!! This is going to get a lot of mileage! Thank you so much for this wonderful product and the great videos on your web site - I was scared that he was going to pull me over but the videos were very reassuring. Thanks again," - Erin and Finn. 

"Hi Scott & Jenny, It works with 2 dogs. I've got two big dogs, a shepherd mix and a rottie mix and I have serious back problems that prevent me from walking them. These bike leashes have opened up a whole new world of exercise for me and them. It's so great to see them on either side of me, running and enjoying themselves! My friends can't believe it; but it's true! Thank you!" - Denise 

"Thank you for the great service! I use the walkydog on a folding bike and it works great! Warmest regards and belated, but heartiest, congratulations to you and Scott on your little daughter!" - Tina 

"I wanted to tell your company how much we love the WalkyDog. Our dog, Wishbone, is a runner who simply cannot get enough exercise through simply jogging with us. With the WalkyDog he can finally settle into a good gallop for miles. Keeping up with Wishbone, so that he's not pulling but instead just enjoying the run, allows us to enjoy exercising as well. The extra clamp for a second bike is brilliant. Thank you for a well-designed product" - Marion, Kevin, and Wishbone 

Some Reviews of the Bike Tow Leash

American Pet Association Product Review!
  • Approval Status - APA 5 Star Approved
  • Testing Results - As advertised, a strong and useful product.
  • Recommendation - Very well thought out and innovative product. Obviously a lot of effort has gone into designing this product. Very safe, the safest bike leash we have seen. Testers all thought it worked even better than expected. Received the highest tester reviews. Absolutely fantastic for mobility devices (wheelchairs and scooters).
  • APA Advice - Riding with your dog, when handled responsibly, can be a great activity for you and your dog. This product is the only such device we have considered approving and it exceeded our expectations.

    We will say it again, most of the time we all breeze over or ignore instructions. With this product, take time to read every word and adhere to the warnings. Your dog deserves it!

  • Approval ID# - 32919
  • http://www.apaapproved.com/

Customer Reviews

"Hi Scott & Jenny, Just want to let you know I got my second BTL today. We have 2 Dobermans that travel with us all over. This is great for exercise when they can't go off leash. My boy Duke is REALLY into this.He's six and after doing a 4 to 6 mile hike off leash everyday he still full of energy so this is great. My girl Jade is eight so where going slower with her. I can appreciate buying from you,my husband & I have our own wood working business. Will sent picture soon. Thank you,P.S. I have 3 spinal fusions and I was leery on getting this but I can't believe how safe I feel on this.... -Karen E. 


I absolutely love love love the bike tow leash I ordered from you! I did a lot of research and greatly appreciate your email responses to all of my questions.

As others have indicated, 1st time with my 50 pound black lab mix and we both did GREAT. I love that I can give her the exercise she so needs and desires. She loves running alongside me. The very first ride she tried to run to greet a neighbor's dog (which is what I was worried about). True to all happy customer comments, I didn't feel at all shaky with balance on my bike. This weekend I hope to bring her to a bike trail in town. I imagine we will do fine.

Thanks again for offering and recommending such a great product. It is a bit expensive, but worth it!! - Lisa 

"Dear Scott: When I got home from town this afternoon, your package was waiting on my front porch. Couldn't wait to try it with "Nita" We just got back from our 1st ride together...she took to it soooo fast!! and we both (or, at least, I) had so much fun. Nita is stretched out flat on my cool tile cooling off and drinking water. I'm so glad I paid the extra money for the Tow Leash because of the low attatchment and the way the leash flexes. I feel really safe. The leash will not attach on the right-hand side of my bike because of interfering with the chain in the higher gears. That is the only "down" side. Thank you so much for the very prompt shipping...we are raring to go!! Carol PS: Nita is a "yes" dog. That means that 2 other dogs said "yes"!!! She is Lab/Husky X Border Collie/Heeler. She is medium size and weighs about 40 pounds...8 months old. (Yes, we will go slowly and short distances until she is older). I want this to be fun for her, too! Best Wishes to you and your wife." Carol 

"Hi Scott! I just tried out my 1-Running-Dog leash for the first time, and wow! It was awesome. My 1-year-old- Plott Hound/Pit Bull took to it right away, and we cruised around the neighborhood happily on this spring day. We even got some admiring glances and waves. I love it! Thank you so much for a great product. Best, - Patty 


Received the Bike Tow Leash and absolutely LOVE it. Dog tested, dog approved and I have the photos of Beau and Morgan, two very happy clients, to prove it. If you receive an influx of orders from Southwestern Michigan, you know why...I sent them to you! Best regards" - Christine 

"I just wanted to thank you for sending the dog tow leash so quickly. My husband hooked it to my bike last night and my dog Brody and I have already tried it out. Initially, we had a small issue with turns BUT quickly discovered that my husband hooked the leash on upside down so during the turn Brody was able to cross over the back tire. Fortunately, we quickly figured it out and it has been a smooth ride since! :) Thank you for carrying such a quality product. Please thank the inventor also.

Kind Regards," - Dawn 

“Good evening, I just wanted you to know that I used my bike tow leash this evening on my two dogs. One is a Weimaraner and he did great. He weighs 90 pounds and I could barely feel him pulling me at all. He is the one that I bought it for since he is so full of energy. I used it with our lab as well and while on the ride she pulled toward a runner passing by and I had no trouble at all controlling the bike. Great product and it was a great investment for my dogs health as well as my own. I will tell all my dog owning friends about it. Thanks!” -Sandra 

"Hi Scott I just received my Dog Bike Tow Leash. This is the coolest thing ever and I am SO excited and happy! We have a standard poodle that loves to run, and I took him out yesterday for the test run. It was great. I have to confess that I've taken him out several times with his regular leash, and even though he is not a puller, I knew that this was a really stupid thing to do. Luckily we survived long enough to find this product. I used to say to my husband that there should be something like this, and I'd even asked at a few pet stores that knew of nothing. I can't recall how I learned of the BTL, but you should definitely get the word out to the dog world that this is available. I look forward to many wonderful rides with my dog...money well spent. Thanks again" - Roberta 

“Oh My Dog! We tried the new leash today and it was spectacular. Took my three dogs for a walk and had no problem at all. If one of them is on the leash, the other stay close at hand. If they pull ahead at all, it is like a tow on the bike. I have not ridden my bike much in the last year because I walk the dogs while my husband rides his bike. I think I will start riding a lot more now.” – Lynda 


I just received my Bike Tow Leash today, and wanted to tell you how happy I am with it! It's a little long-winded and I apologize, but I wanted to share my excitement! I have a beagle (Max) that needs a LOT of exercise to wear him out every day. I've taken him on 8-mile walks, 12-mile hikes, and tried biking with him (it was a disaster!) and he wears out a little but is ready to go again in just a short time. I put the BTL on right out of the box with no problems (I have an older Schwinn Frontier). I used a harness rather than just hooking it to his collar because he likes to pull quite a bit. We were cruising in no time and I swear I could see Max smiling running down the road! I know that sounds stupid but he really was! We had to stop to put air in the bike tires, and explained to 3 people at the gas station what we had. They asked all kinds of questions and I said "Honestly this is the first time we've used it." They couldn't believe that! Another lady pulled right up beside us AS she was driving down the road to give us kudos and tell us what a "cute" thing that was. I felt in control the whole time, and suggested maybe she pull over and I would tell her all about it. :) I live in a really small town. And now, we are home, and I have a zonked out beagle under my feet as I type. Thanks for the great product, the great website, all the work you guys put in, and I look forward to being a customer again in the future!

P.S. Max had to help open the box and I couldn't understand why. Then I noticed you had stuck a treat in the corner. He loved it! Thanks!” – Nicki 

“Just wanted to let you know that my tow leash arrived yesterday. I am thoroughly impressed at how fast it arrived at my house!! I got off work at 1 am this morning and immediately hooked it up to my bike. I have a 1 1/2 year old female pitbull who is nothing but energy. I hooked her up and away we went! She immediately took to the leash and did great!!! This is an awesome product and would recommend it to anyone!! I will be ordering the houndabout very soon for my beagle so he can ride along with us!! Thanks again!!” - Kristi 

“The bike tow leash is amazing! I use the ruff wear harness and like you said just make sure she isn't positioned too far forward. I didn't realize I should close the screen door on the trailer one morning after riding over wet cut grass. My chihuahua became a mud flap. Lol... Nevertheless, he had a ball. Thanks again for such an incredible web site. I look forward to finding as many activities as I can for my dogs. I just signed up for a group that does pack walks.

I will keep you posted. Thanks again. You're more than happy customer,” -Tom 

"Hi Scott, Back in February, I spoke to you inquiring about putting two dogs on a tow leash, for which you did not have experience with. I apologize for taking so long to back to you. I have a 4yo sheltie and a 9mo blue italian greyhound. I was able to put both of them on the tow leash using a coupler. It does not matter which dog is on the inside or outside, as the coupler allows them to switch with no issues. The tow leash is one of the best things I have ever purchased. I am having so much fun with them dog biking. Hope you find this helpful and maybe able to share it with others. Thank you," - Melinda 

"We were at Ventura beach today riding bikes with tow leash we got stopped a dozen times about the tow leash it works great! Thank you Kim" 

"I have to say I am so grateful to have found this product. First of all the videos sure helped in me deciding to splurge on this purchase. the amount of information and all the reviews were so helpful. I just adopted a Pit bull mix from our local humane society. I just loved her immediately but quickly learned that several walks each day was not enough for this high energy girl. being able to bike with her twice a day and see how much she enjoys running has been a blessing. I cant run or jog with her due to hip pain but biking is easy on my joints and it wears her out. today she even lunged while i was slowing for a turn and the bike never wavered. i cant thank you enough for this" - Laura 

"I just wanted to let you know I love this product. So much I have posted it on my facebook site and sent a link to your site for a friend of mine who has a dog that needs exercise. I have a 7 month old German Shorthaired Pointer who by nature needs a lot of exercise. I dislike running but love biking so I had to give this a try! I am not a biker in spandex, but your normal trail rider. So I purchased this and I must say it is wonderful! I finally have someone to go biking with me and her schedule always works with mine!! She does just wonderful with it. I do use a harness on her and not her collar. Do not hesitate to purchase this product! It is so easy to install on the bike! It is not at all unstable if the dog pulls! I cannot say enough good things about this product." - Shannon 

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product! My lab is 75 pounds of hyper-active, non-stop insanity! Walking him, let alone riding with him, usually proves to be difficult at best and down right frustrating at worst. Within 10 mintues of clipping him to your Dog Bike Tow he was running next to my bike and having the time of his life, as was I! even with distractions, such as ducks, other dogs, and cats I was easily able to keep riding. Several times I thought he had gotten loose as I couldn't even feel him pulling! Rarely do I feel I'm able to give him adequate excercise but he gets plenty now. He was down right worn out when we got home and was ALMOST calm! Thanks!" - Mike 

"We decided to purchase the 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash, despite our slight reservations about the cost. We tend to spend alot of money on pet items, and find some are just not as useful as we hoped they'd be. We are happy to report that this is, hands down, the best investment we have made for our dog! We are so pleased with it... and trust us, it is worth every penny! It arrived quickly with easy installation instructions, and we couldn't wait to try it out! Our super high energy dog, Duke, took to it so fast he was trotting along-side within minutes. There is no way for him to get caught up in the bike, or pull the bike off course, and he absolutely love love loves it!!! Thanks so much from all of us! Eric, Janet, & Duke =)" 

"Thanks Scott! I just have to tell you how EXCITED I am about the bike tow leash! I used it yesterday for the first time and again tonight. OMG!!! I couldn't even believe I was biking with my 90 lb lab, Blu, along side as I couldn't even tell he was there. My 64 lb lab, Ruby, was a bit more unruly & tried to veer to the left to go after a cat and quickly corrected herself. I BARELY felt it. This is by far the best invention yet!!! I'm telling everyone I know about it! This is the most ingenious idea that makes exercising my dogs so much fun and safe for me as well. I'm 55 years old, a self-employed hair stylist and the way things were going with Blu practically pulling me off my bike, I took the risk of injury and being out of work. He is just so strong that I had to stop biking with him cause I was afraid he'd take off leaving me behind in a pile. LOL So now we have resumed our favorite activity and WE couldn't be happier!!!" - Lenora 

"I just want to say i am a very very happy customer in regards to your products i take both my dogs out for a bike ride one on each side of my bike. i really enjoy bike riding with my dogs. i use the Bike Tow Leash on my german shepheard and the and the walky dog leash on my schnoodle mix and they love it. my schnoodle mix helped me train my german shepheard to go on bike rides, my schnoodle mis is an expert when it comes to bike riding. Once again thanks for your outstanding bike riding items and i really recommend your products to who ever wants to go bike riding with their dogs, it has been alot easier for me i take my dogs for a bike ride and then i go for my walk. once again thank you very much -carlos" 

"Blu (my chocy lab male) and Ruby, (yellow female) thank you SO much cause now we have a blast riding instead of having a frustrating experience!

Best wishes and keep up the good work!!!

Warm Regards, Lenora Magrone and Blu and Ruby, too!" 

"Hi there............ Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your website and the product videos. I am always interested in supporting small businesses as I find the customer service to be outstanding. Today I purchased a tow leash and the boots that were presented in your videos. I am a skeptic by nature, and seeing is believing for me. I am very appreciative to have had the videos as "proof" and this is what sealed the deal for me. Thanks very much for your product offering (we are extremely excited about the tow leash) and ease of transaction. "Smokey" our 1 yr old pitbull will greatly benefit from the extra exercise that the bike tow leash will provide, as we were unable to adequately tucker him out on our 2 mile walks. Thanks again and best wishes for a blossoming business! Regards, Liz Meier and Smokey" 

"My purchase arrived and I started using my dog tow right away... It is amazing ... It was the video and the fact that u try the products out that sold me.... I could sell these things by the dozen I love this product .. I have a 1 yr old new skete german shepherd wt high drive. ...she needs to bike to keep her mind right tks - Clarissa" 

"I'm the 69 year old small woman who bought the Bike Tow version about a month ago. It is working out just fine. My Golden tried one time to go behind the bike which I corrected immediately and since then it has been smooth biking. She goes willingly, though not as enthusiastically as she does on a regular walk. She of course prefers to smell, stop, & meet other dogs nose to nose/butt. However, the tow gives her the added exercise that she needs. Once I got used to it, I've not felt afraid of falling or being jerked over. I'm very happy with the purchase. I still doubt that I would have bought it however, without the coupon you provided since I continue to think it is overpriced. Thank you for your great customer service. Good luck with your business. Claudia" 

"I am only now able to work back into a vigorous exercise routine, following a car accident in July 2009. I have 3 fabulous dogs--a Shephard/Husky mix (Bingo), a Ridgeback mix (Jake), and a Yellow Beagle (Butterscotch)--all sporting dogs! So needless to say, even though they have a huge back yard to play in, they haven't been adequately exercised for over a year. Bingo is now 99 lbs. (20lbs. overweight), Jake is 68 lbs. (10lbs. overweight) and I'm, well, let me just say overweight! (Butterscotch is holding her own.) Last week I got my bike reconditioned and ordered a Tow Leash. Got the Tow Leash today. What a FANTASTIC invention! Bingo, Jake and Butterscotch LOVED it and adapted to it immediately!!! Each of them got two 10-minute rides today and after the first one couldn't wait for the next round--their tails were wagging like crazy!! The balance provided by the Tow Leash is unbelievable! We had so much fun!! Obviously, I have to get us all back into shape incrementally, but my ultimate goal is to take each of them out for 40 minutes a day. Biking will now be not only our daily exercise, but our daily treat!! I live in a biking and dog city--Seattle--so I'm looking forward to recommending the Tow Leash (and thedogoutdoors.com) to lots of folks! This is so cool!" - Sharon O. 

"I received the dog tow leash pretty fast. The instructions on the product itself are way too tiny, but the videos on the site are very helpful. My only complaint is that "the Dog Outdoors" does not offer the 3 color options available on the creator's site. However, I chose to order here because I was more comfortable with their satisfaction guarantee. I love the product - my dog is probably the best testimony you can get. I own an almost 100 lb GSD and she can be very hyper. She is also EXTREMELY strong, even for her breed. She has lunged several times at other dogs, and has yet to unseat myself or my husband from the bicycle (or even come close for that matter). My only complaint about the product is that the connection at the frame is a little too flexible. There have been a few times when I have stopped the bike that my dog has been able to get herself on the right-hand side (she jumps and gets over to the right and it is hard to get her back). As I said, she is very hyper. I think if the product were a bit stiffer at this junction, it would prohibit so much flexibility in the "leash" itself. However, she has not done this while we were in motion, as it is harder for her and the pressure from the stiffness of the leash really encourages the dog to keep moving with you. If you have a large dog, be prepared that they can, in fact, stop the bike even though tipping it over seems nigh impossible. For example, when we are riding in the desert, if my dog decides she has to go to the bathroom, she simply applies her brakes and the bike begins slowing rapidly. A glance back to her tells me why, and I stop. there is no way you are going to stop this with a large dog. However, it does not cause instability in the bike itself - it simply forces you to stop. I don't think you can beat this product for riding a bike with any dog. I believe it is the best and, most importantly, safest device available. - Karen" 

"What a great product! My border collie Toby took to it immediately. I love it, and posted a rave review on my Facebook page. If you start shipping to Prescott, Arizona, you\'ll know why! - Toni" 

"I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Tow Leash for me and my German Shepherd. It just got delivered last night and I took Lola out for a spin around the block and she LOVED it! And I loved it even more because she didn't pull me off my bike :) The true test of its awesomeness happened this morning though, when a happy little squirrel decided to join us on our ride. I have to say I am amazed at how I didn't even feel the pull on my bike, and I stayed in control the whole time. The bike tow leash is AWESOME. Thank you!" - Ashley & Lola 

"What a great product! It was Toby's first bike ride, made possible by the Bike Tow Leash. Although the design allows Toby some flexibility, it pretty much keeps him in a heal potition, and there is now way we could become entangled. Can't speak for Toby, but I know Marj and I enjoyed the "Wow!" factor as hikers and bikers got a look at us. This thing truly exceeded my expectations, and Toby loved it. If you're thinking of biking with your dog, this is it. " - Toni & Marj 

"This is the best money I've ever spent! The bike tow leash should be mandatory for anyone with a high-energy dog. Everyone on the bike paths, being walked by their dog, wants to know where to get one.Thanks, Brent" 

"It is really amazing how forgiving the Bike Tow Leash is. Once and a while I will have this split second of wondering if my dog is still attached since I can hardly feel any tugging between us." - Lani 

"I love the Bike Tow Leash and took the older, more experienced girl out first. It was perfection! I liked the fact that I could use a collar or a harness and it gives the dog a bit more range of motion." - Susan - HI 

"Wow, I was surprised with the ease of installing it on my bike. My dog absolutely loved it!!! He didn't want to get back in the car!!! lol I have a husky and had concerns about him pulling me lunging for another dog. It was amazing. My bicycle was stable and I continued to pedal. I couldn't ask for a more perfect experience bicycling with my dog. Thank you so much! Now I don't have to feel guilty when I leave to bike. Now he can go with me! Thank you for a great product!!! -Anita" 

"Thank you so much for the great product and the AMAZINGLY fast shipping. It arrived last night and we have already tested it out. Fenway (the dog) loves it so far!" - Kristin 

"Well, today Ranger not only got 5 points toward his advanced Weight Pull titles, he won the Best of Breed Top Ten--the best of the best. I know he would not have gotten this without the conditioning he got by running with my bike. The Bike Tow Leash has made our training easier, safer, and a lot of fun. I get a lot of comments and questions about the BTL while I'm out in the park, and people regularly stop to watch us as we go by." - Amanda 

"Hi I recently bought a BTL and I'm finding it to be a truly brilliant piece of kit, Miah (German Shepherd) loves it too. I've only got to put it to the test in the last two weeks between one thing and another, but I intend on using it daily now that I've seen how easy tiring the dog out is with the BTL. I've gotten some strange looks and people asking about it.

Thanking you

Stephen G. Ireland" 

"Just got back from a 10-mile ride along the Peavine. It was Toby's first bike ride, made possible by the Bike Tow Leash. Although the design allows Toby some flexibility, it pretty much keeps him in a heal potition, and there is now way we could become entangled. Can't speak for Toby, a..nd I know Marj and I enjoyed the "Wow!" factor as hikers and bikers got a look at us. This thing truly exceeded my expectations, and Toby loved it. If you're thinking of biking with your dog," - Toni 

"I LOVE the Bike Tow Leash I bought - it has been a big solution to a big problem I had in getting the energy out of my strong dog who likes to chase cats. It's been life-changing for both me and my dog; I don't think I'll take an more falls with resulting road rash and black eyes. :) I've been telling my friends; it's so great! They were quick to deliver, and the videos on their site were super-helpful to learn more about the product." - Andy 

"You may remember that you asked me to let you know how the Bike Tow Leash worked with my recumbent bicycle and if my large, headstrong, and not very well behaved dog would use the BTL. Have you ever heard the expression "Like a duck to water?" Oh my goodness, he LOVES it! He sees me on my bike and can't wait to go for a run. The BTL keeps him away from the wheels and gears of the bike and controls him when he tries to pull in a different direction. My dog follows me no matter which way I turn. My only issue is that he wants to run faster than I can pedal - - - so I may have to add an electric assist to my bike just to keep up with him ;-). We took some pictures, but it was as night and they did not come out very well. We'll try to take some photos this weekend - I will send them to you if you would like." Thanks, - Jack