Dog Biking Training

How do I introduce my dog to biking?

There really is no training necessary for biking your dog. It is no different than taking your dog for a regular walk, other than the option of allowing your dog to set the pace if you like. That said, it is still a good idea to introduce your dog to the bike slowly to let them know there is nothing to worry about. When introducing a dog for the first time, I like to connect them to the bike and just walk alongside the bike for a bit to get them used to the idea. If they need extra encouragement you may try using treats, but this is usually not necessary. The idea is that you want your dog to understand that this is no different from going on a normal walk. Once you can tell they are comfortable, you can try getting on the bike and pedaling slowly - taking a couple of small turns to get them used to following the lead of the bike. That's it! Most dogs can't even wait for the training and want to go go go. If you would prefer that your dog not pull, work on the same type of loose leash training methods that you would if you were walking them on a normal leash. There is tons of free information on the web on how to do this.

Remember, NEVER pull your dog along or let them fall behind. You want them to set the pace and be right next to you.

I like to recommend a trotting pace for most dogs - no faster than you would jog them on foot.

Check out our videos section to see dog biking in action.

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