Dog Bike Leash Safety

Are the bike leashes you sell safe for me and my dog?

You do need to take precautions and it is important to make sure your pup is well suited for biking (Learn more here), but we believe that the WalkyDog and Bike Tow Leashes are the safest products on the market for biking your dog. Both do an excellent job to counter the force of your dog pulling and ensure you have control when riding. These special dog bike attachments are designed to keep your pup safe when riding too. In my opinion, using a dog bike leash is the only way to ever attempt biking your dog. If you are considering just using a regular leash, DON'T! This is when biking your dog can become dangerous for you and your pup. With all that said, this is still an activity that each person should decide on attempting for themselves. No matter how safe a product is designed to be, there are always some risks involved just as there are risks involved in riding a bike. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings and your dog's capabilities. For more tips and safety measures please visit this page.

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Don't Take It From Us - See What Some Of Our Customers Have Said:

"Hello Jenny and Scott, My husband and I have been using our WalkyDog bike leashes every day for the past week and a half and can't tell you how much we LOVE them. Our Siberians are running really well with them and we are all having them best time cruising around Big Bear Lake with them. We will send you some photos and hopefully a little video if we get around to it. Anyway, we couldn't be more pleased with our purchase and we are trying to spread the word to the folks up here to get you some more business." Thanks. -Adrianna

"I just got the WalkyDog today about 6pm. I hooked it up, and took my old English sheep dog out for a bike ride- he LOVED IT! I couldn't believe how well he responded to it. You know with a dog this size and a two year old daughter, there is just not enough time or way I can properly exercise him to the full extent he really needs. NOT ANY MORE! The treat was really sweet, good luck with your business I will defiantly be a returning customer. Already had a few people ask about it.. so I am sending business your way! Thank you so much!" - Misty

"Wow..Nobody in my family believed that my Australian Shepard Jack could be contained by anything and was sure I was going to kill myself it I tried to ride my bike with him. This attachment worked perfectly from the 1st first try with no training. My dog is crazy and has more energy than any other pet or human I have ever met. We take him to the dog park and he never tires. This is the only things that has ever worn him out. It's a miracle..Thank you!!" - Carly

"I just wanted to thank you again. I received the clamp. . . . and the dog treat! You're service is the best. And Hunter (my dog) appreciates the exercise... I appreciate the shorter walks since it is getting colder. Take care!" - Nicole

"We love the Walky Dog. In fact, we got two of our daughters each one for their dogs. The dogs go crazy when they see us get out the bikes. We LOVE it! Thanks so much for your time. I think I will purchase the bike tow after the first of the year once I adopt a new pup. Thanks again!!"

"I hope you got my feedback on your website. I hope you make a million bucks because that contraption is awesome!" - Stacey

"You may remember that you asked me to let you know how the Bike Tow Leash worked with my recumbent bicycle and if my large, headstrong, and not very well behaved dog would use the BTL. Have you ever heard the expression "Like a duck to water?" Oh my goodness, he LOVES it! He sees me on my bike and can't wait to go for a run. The BTL keeps him away from the wheels and gears of the bike and controls him when he tries to pull in a different direction. My dog follows me no matter which way I turn. My only issue is that he wants to run faster than I can pedal - - - so I may have to add an electric assist to my bike just to keep up with him ;-). We took some pictures, but it was as night and they did not come out very well. We'll try to take some photos this weekend - I will send them to you if you would like." Thanks, - Jack

"I just received the new leash. Again, Thanks for your great customer care. I would like to give a feed back and let other consumer know how great customer care you did but, I could not find the rating service about your company. I would like to give 10 stars instead 5 stars. I can not wait to ride a bicycle with my dog. (still have few more months to wait) Thanks and have a great fall and winter. Best wishes"

"I got my walkydog a couple of weeks ago. I was a little worried about how my dog would like it and how it would work in New York City! No problems on either front. First of all, my dog loves running A LOT, and it is so safe to use. We have lots of great places to ride that are car free so all is well. Your videos really helped me make a decision and I knew what to expect when I started out with him. Great advice and direction. I did have to tighten my seat post as he is quite the puller:) Thanks a bunch" - Brian

"My one year old Labrador Chance and I absolutely love the WalkyDog. Chance just loves pulling me around the neighborhood. Great product. The EzyDog Padded Dog Harness is great when used with the WalkyDog. Now I'm looking at the flotation device and Cujo Bungee Leash! Keep up the good work guys!" -Landry

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for our Walky Dog leash and harness. It came today and my husband and I were excited to see Marley's reaction. She LOVES it!!!! We briefly tried holding her on a loose lead while biking and realized how dangerous that could be, so this is just what we've been looking for. Instalation was so easy! In minutes we were out turning heads and getting lots of smiles from our neighbors. I was taking it slow at first but Marley caught on very quickly and when I looked over at her, she wasn't lagging but pulling me to go faster. I'm sure Marley wants to say thanks too! Wonderful products and fast guys are great!" - Rich and Donna

"I was walking my very active Wheaten Terrier, Dugan, after my husband went over the handlebars on his bike and broke his wrist. No, he didnt have the dog with him, that time. Dugan is 10 months old and we picked him up from the pound about 3 months ago. My husband figured out how to "run" him on the bike with a leash, but wouldnt let me even try! I got a new hip about a year ago, and can no longer run like I used to, and now bike for exercise, and this very active puppy needed more than a walk. So while my husband was recouperating, I was relegated to walking Dugan. 1 & 1/2 hrs wasnt even putting a dent in him. Beautiful weather here in Nebraska, but wow, alot of time, and he wasnt even panting. I had a lady pass us on her bike with her dog in tow! I stopped her, asked her what the heck, and she was more than happy to tell me where to find a Walky Dog! Got it UPSd yesterday, and yes, had it attached to my bike in about 5 minutes. I would always ride beside the 2 boys but never could "run" Dugan myself. He thinks its pretty cool that I now can "run" him too! I feel very safe and secure for the both of us, and that confidence travels right down thru the Walky Dog, and allows us both a very enjoyable ride. I could swear Dugan was smiling when we got home! A very happy, very energy depleted, very tired, and well spent little guy. So thank you for your product. I now find myself yelling out the car windows as I pass another bike/leash combo to check out your website! I get alot of "Thank You's". So heres hoping business goes your way!" Sincerely, -Madeleine

"Thank you for the quick response. We used the WalkyDog this evening and our dog loved it and so did we. Thanks again" -Diana

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