Can My Dog Use A Bike Leash

Can my dog go biking?

We suggest the activity of biking with a dog bike leash for dogs that are over 30 lbs and a year old or more. These are just our suggestions. It is up to you, knowing you dog's capabilities, if this is an activity that is well suited for your dog. If your dog is 25 lbs or under, check out the Buddyrider Bike Seat. If you are still on the fence, it would be a good idea to consult your vet or a professional dog trainer that you trust.

Always ride at your dog's pace - NEVER pull your dog along - our dog bike leashes are tools for the enjoyment of your pet and should never be used irresponsibly.

Remember to always plan a route ahead of time to make sure you can get home before your dog tires. And also keep in mind that some dogs will get so excited that they push themselves too hard. Be responsible and make sure to limit rides to an appropriate distance for your dog. Short rides are recommended - especially at first. Also, the smaller your dog, the slower you should ride and for shorter distances. Always make sure you have an understanding of your dog's obedience, capabilities, and physical condition before biking your dog. In my opinion, our bike leashes are best used with medium to large dogs that have a need for extra exercise and prefer to trot or run. Regardless of if you are biking your dog or not, it is always a good idea to have an examination from your dog's vet that verifies he or she doesn't suffer from any cardio-circulatory problem. Elder dogs should also be submitted to cardiologic exams to evaluate the efficiency of their heart. In the case of large breed puppies, it would be better to choose a different workout. Excessive efforts before turning one year old, can facilitate the appearance of pathologies of the osteo-articular system such as hip displaysia - especially among breeds genetically predisposed such as the German shepherd.

A safety note from Scott Please use your best judgement when biking your dog and always err on the side of caution. As we all know, dogs will do anything to please their owners and I would hate for someone to accidentally push their dog too hard with one of the products we carry. Your dog should always set the pace and distances should be limited until you have conditioned your dog properly (Learn More Here). I say this respectfully, but if you have a very small dog that you are insistent on biking or you plan to disregard the safety tips we offer, please don't purchase a product from us. Safety for our four legged friends is our number one concern at The Dog Outdoors. I want your dog to enjoy this activity and do so in a safe and comfortable manner. It would break my heart if anyone used the products we carry in an irresponsible manner and put their dog's safety in jeopardy. The fact that you are reading this page tells me you also put your dog's well-being first and foremost. Thank you for being a responsible dog owner.

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