Bike Leash Installation

Will it work with my bike?

Our leashes work with almost any bike out there. The WalkyDog works with any bike that has a seatpost between 3 1/4" - 4" inches in circumference (this is in the standard range). It even works with some adult tricycles although we advise using extra caution because of the rear wheels. Contact us if you are unsure if it will work on your bike. The WalkyDog is not best suited for recumbent style bicycles due to there design. The Bike Tow Leash connects to the rear axel area of every standard model bicycle I have tested it on. It connects to the left hand side of the bike away from the gears. It also works with some recumbent style bicycles, 2 wheel scooters, and personal mobility scooters . Due to the variety of ways that the Bike Tow Leash can be connected, it is hard to find a style bike that it won't work with.

Remember - feel free to contact us with questions if you are unsure

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