Bike Leash Guarantee

We Stand Behind The Products We Carry

Try out the bike leash or bike seat and send it back for a full refund of the product price if not completely satisfied

We understand that purchasing a dog bicycle leash or dog bicycle seat is a big decision. Even after watching all the videos, reading our buyer's guide and looking at our tips page, I'm sure you still have questions. The biggest being, is this really going to work for my dog? We believe that it will and that you will be extremely happy with your purchase (like thousands of our other valued customers are). However, we offer a special guarantee for our bike leashes and bike seats to give you extra peace of mind. Give it a try, knowing that you can return it for a full refund of the product price if your aren't completely satisfied or feel it isn't the right fit for your dog. We want you and your dog/s to be completely happy. We only ask that, if necessary, you return the product as soon as possible and not over 30 days from the purchase date.


In the slim chance that there is a problem with your bike leash or seat due to a manufacturer defect within the first year, rest assured that we will make it right and will handle everything for you. For problems beyond 1 year we will do everything we can to help with repairs or offer a discounted replacement.

Some more added benefits of buying from us

  • Get personal help from me (Scott) on getting started or just to answer questions. Shoot me an email or call anytime
  • Say it's 2 years down the road and you have a question about your bike attachment. I'm still more than happy to offer advice
  • In the rare case that there is an issue, know that I will personally handle it
  • Get discount coupons for being a valued return customer
  • Know that you are supporting a small mom and pop business that truly values our customers. See what our customers have to say about us here

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