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Key Differences In The Packs We Carry

Tip - It's recommended that your dog carry no more than 25 - 30% of their body weight in their dog pack. If your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load as your dog gets accustomed to wearing the pack. All packs we carry are designed to have a snug fit and carry most of the weight over the shoulders rather than mid-back.

Palisades Pack (Price - $149.95 | Color options - Red Currant)

Ruffwear Palisades Pack

This fully-featured pack includes hydration bladders and spacious saddlebags ideal for multi-day backcountry adventures. It has all the bases covered. The saddlebags are removable making it great for rest stops or water crossings. The Palisades pack is supported by a Ruff Wear Web Master harness for the frame, providing great load stability and weight distribution. Inside are two included collapsible water bladders capable of holding 1 liter of water each. This pack also has a load compression system to better secure the load and make it easier for your pup to carry over long distances. Learn more about the Palisades pack here

Approach Pack (Price - $79.95 | Color options - Pacific Blue, Campfire Orange)

Ruffwear Aproach Pack

This pack is considered more of a recreational pack. It is ideal for day hikes or single night adventures. Some customers use it to add a load while exercising their dog. Adding a light load when walking your dog can make them feel like they have a job and also condition them at the same time. The saddlebags are slightly lower capacity than the Palisades pack and cannot be removed. Just as the Palisades pack above, the Approach pack features the Ruff Wear Web Master harness for the frame providing great load stability and weight distribution. Some key features in this pack are stash pockets, coated zippers, and external gear loops. Learn more about the Approach Pack here.

SingleTrak Pack (Price - $89.95 | Color options - Orange Sunset)

Single Track Pack

When dusty trails are the name of game, dogs (and humans) rejoice at the sleek, low-profile design of our the Singletrak Pack. It is designed specifically to meet hydration needs. The body-hugging design keeps the saddlebags from shifting, snagging, and flopping. This pack is ideal for adventures when water is all you need. It works similar to your human hydration pack. Think everything from mountain biking, running single track, or day hiking with minimal weight. Inside are two included collapsible water bladders capable of holding 0.5 liters each. There are also two external stash pockets to hold gear such as a collapsible water bowl, leash, and pickup bags. Learn more about the Single Track Pack here

Summit Pack (Price - $53-$77 | Color options - Black and Gray)

Summit Pack

The Summit Pack, made by the EzyDog company, is a bit less expensive than the other 3 packs mentioned above and also has a different base harness than the others. It uses a foam-rubber padded chest plate that conforms to your dog's chest for a custom fit. Instead of 2 straps on the underside like the Ruffwear models, it features a single strap that is positioned slightly behind the front legs. When loaded down, this allows the saddlebags to shift slightly more than the Ruffwear counterparts on steep or unlevel terrain. For this reason, we wouldn't recommend it for heavier loads on multi-day adventures. The top of the pack features breathable mesh that conforms to your pup's back and features a built-in padded handle for quick control. Another cool feature about this pack is the "leash caddy" that allows your dog to carry its own leash. The saddlebags are similar in size to the Approach pack. This pack works great for recreational use or for adding some weight to your dog's walk and giving them a job, but might not be quite what you need for hitting the extreme outback. Learn more about the Summit Pack here

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