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Jolly Pets Jolly Football Video Reviews

Video Transcription

Alright, this is an up-close look at the Jolly Pets Jolly football. I just wanted to shoot a quick video because in the picture you can't really get a sense of the material all that well and how it's made. You can see there's a little hole here and when your dog bites down on it it's not inflated, but it can bite down on it, it's really tough it's not gonna pop, but it just goes right back to its original shape when released. It's not quite as big as a regular size football. It's actually like a mini kids football or something like that, but it's easy for your dog to get in their mouth, really durable material. I don't know if that gives you a sense of it or not, but great product and also has a really good smell to it. So this is the Jolly Pets Jolly Football
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