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GoughNuts Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

GoughNuts Stick Indestructible Dog Toy
GoughNuts Stick Indestructible Dog Toy
GoughNuts Stick Indestructible Dog Toy
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    GoughNuts Manufacturer Video Overview


    GoughNut Stick - The original GoughNuts toy was designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY. The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. Each GoughNuts pet toy has included in it's design the GoughNuts patented safety indicator where Green means "GoughNuts" and Red means "Stop".

    • Nearly Indestructible (Lifetime guarantee if your dogs breaks through to the red inner layer)
    • Floatable
    • Cleanable
    • Rollable
    • Chewable
    • Recyclable
    • So much "Funable"


    Goughnuts are virtually indestructible. Many companies claim it, GoughNuts guarantees it. Every GoughNuts toy has been designed by Mechanical and Polymer Engineers. Understanding leverages that are present in the jaws of a dogs mouth and relying on 60 years of rubber technology has resulted in an indestructible toy. If your pet can chew through the Green to expose the Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy free of charge. Dogs that are capable of getting through the toy may be asked to be tracked for GoughNuts plan for continuous improvement.