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$50 eGift Certificate

$50 eGift Certificate
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Price: $50.00
  • You Will Enter Recipient Name, Email Address, Message, & Send Date On The Billing Page (Below Billing Info)
If you will be giving this as a gift, you can have the printable certificate emailed to yourself. You can order more than one certificate to reach a desired amount.
Let Them Get Exactly What They Want - The eGift Certificate That Never Expires

Do you know a person that would be interested in the unique dog products we carry, but are not sure exactly what they would want or which size to get? Get them an eGift certificate and let them decide.

Choose How & When They Receive It

When you purchase an eGift certificate from The Dog Outdoors, you or your recipient will be emailed a printable gift certificate that looks like the picture above on the desired date you choose. If you have a specific time of day you would like it sent, please note this in the comments during checkout and we will do our best to accommodate, otherwise it will be emailed as soon as the gift certificate and special code are created on the date you specify on the billing page. Please remember to enter the date you would like the email to be sent in the appropriate field on the billing page during checkout. The eGift information section will be below the billing information during checkout and you will fill in all appropriate information there.

The email will include instructions directing the recipient to our store and how they can to use your gift. It never expires and the code they receive can be used multiple times until the value of the gift certificate has been completely depleted.

Or Print & Deliver Yourself

Feel like printing and delivering the gift certificate yourself? Just enter your own email address in the recipient field during checkout. If you would like us to email the gift certificate to your recipient directly, you can still choose to be copied on the email when it goes out so you will know exactly when they get it. Choose this option on the billing page during checkout.

Write Your Own Message

You will have the opportunity to write your own message to be included in the email and on the printable gift certificate on the billing page during checkout. This is also where you will indicate the recipient's name, email address and send date. Once you add the gift certificate/s to the cart, proceed to checkout and scroll down on the billing page to see the "GIFT CERTIFICATE INFORMATION" section.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Remember to check-in with your recipient to make sure they received the email and didn't accidentally delete it.