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Spiffy Dog Air Harness

Spiffy Dog Air Harness
Spiffy Dog Air Harness
Spiffy Dog Air Harness
Spiffy Dog Air Harness
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    The Spiffy Dog Air Harness is made of a lightweight, breathable mesh commonly used in running shoes.

    • Your dog swims?-The Air Harness Dries Quickly.
    • Your dog's collar or other harness stinks?-The Air Collar breathes and does not retain odor as easily as webbing or leather and is washable.
    • Your dog has skin allergies, hot spots or other irritations?-The Air Harness is so lightweight and breathable that it will not cause or exacerbate irritations.
    • You want your dog to look cool?-The Air Harness has you covered here as well

    The Spiffy Dog Air Harness lightweight, quick drying mesh material is made for comfort. These breathable harnesses alleviate strain on the trachea by taking pressure off your dogís neck. Many dog trainers and competitors, as well as pet owners, use and recommend the use of harnesses for added comfort and control.

    While a collar is ideal for hanging your dog's ID tag, it can also put pressure on the neck and wind pipe of the dog and can encourage him or her to pull on the lead. By walking the dog on a harness it takes that pressure off the neck and can help stop dogs pulling and cut down on lead frustration.

    What makes the Air Harness Different?

    There are 3 leash attachment points allowing for 2 points of contact if desired - one at the chest and another at either the back of the neck or along the back of the vertebrae. Having two points of contact is key to teaching dogs to move in balance by their handlerís side and many owners are stunned at the instant effect two points of contact has on their dogís responsiveness when on the lead.