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Waterproof & Specialty Dog Collars

Boomerang CollarTags™
SunGlo Waterproof Dog Collars
Zeta Waterproof Dog Collars
Stainless Steel. Life-time guarantee. No jingle noise. Made in the USA
No-stink dog collars. Simple, strong, fun high visibility colors. Made in the USA
Regular Price: $10.00
Our Price: $7.95
Softness, strength & feel of leather - none of the stink. Made in USA
Regular Price: $11.00
Our Price: $8.95
Zeta Waterproof Dog Leashes
Dublin Dog Trout Collection
Dublin Dog Waterproof Collars - Solids
New! Same waterproof, resilient material as Zeta dog collars.
Our Price: $16.00
New! Impervious to dirt, moisture and odor. Made in the USA
Our Price: $28.50
All style - no stink. Made in the USA
Regular Price: $27.00
Our Price: $23.95
Dublin Dog Waterproof Collars - Stripes
Dublin Dog Waterproof Collars - Babylon
Dublin Dog Waterproof Collars - Daisy
All style - no stink. Made in the USA
Regular Price: $27.00
Our Price: $23.95
All style - no stink. Made in the USA
Regular Price: $27.00
Our Price: $23.95
All style - no stink. Made in the USA
Regular Price: $27.00
Our Price: $23.95
Dog Safety Light - Ruff Wear Beacon
Ultimate visibility at night! Connect to collars, coats, life vests & more
Our Price: $16.95
Does your dog actively seek out the wettest, dirtiest, smelliest places to roll and play in? Does his or her collar have the look & smell to prove it. Check out the variety of 100% waterproof, no-stink dog collars that we carry below. They are easy to clean, will never smell and won't harbor bacteria. They will also turn heads with their unique styles and colors. I will never let my dog Parker wear a regular collar again after finding these.

See some of our waterproof no smell dog collars put to the test

About The Waterproof No Smell Dog Collars We Carry:

Our dog Parker (80 lb Lab mix) likes to get dirty! We have been through more collars than I can remember. They would always end up smelling absolutely horrible - the type of smell that would knock you off your feet. Whenever he would get wet it would be the worst smell ever. His normal nylon dog collar would just suck in all the smell and bacteria from Parker's outings and stay damp and smelly until we occasionally washed the collar. Washing the collar would make it loose its color and eventually we would end up getting rid of the collar. I looked everywhere for a better collar - something that was waterproof, smell proof, and wouldn't harbor bacteria (especially since we have a little one running around the house now). Well I found some great options. All the waterproof dog collars we carry have been thoroughly tested by our number one test dog. If a collar can stand up to Parker it can handle anything. Not only are the collars we carry waterproof and smell proof, but they are really sharp looking as well. We have all sorts of bright colors to choose from - high visibility orange, pink, yellow, purple, red, green... We have people constantly ask us where we get our collars. I know you will love all the collars we carry and will never go back to a regular collar after using one; it might just be the last collar your dog ever owns.

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