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Deciding On The Right Harness For Your Dog

Choosing a harness for your dog

Deciding which harness to get your dog can be a tough task. There are so many different options and styles out there that it can quickly become overwhelming. This is why we have done the hard work for you and carry a selection of our favorite harnesses that have been tested on our own dogs Parker and Brinkley. We make sure to carry options that are both comfortable and functional for your pup. In our search we found that many harnesses available at chain stores and local shops just weren't cutting it. You may have come across similar problems in your search for a quality dog harness:

Typical Chain Store Harness Problems

- Most harnesses are un-padded and made of cheap nylon with no consideration of comfort
- Many harnesses cause rubbing, chafing and irritation problems for dogs - especially behind the front legs in and around the armpit area
- Many are not cut out or durable enough for activities like biking, joring, or lifting your pup over obstacles
- "Houdini" escape artist dogs can back out of the harnesses

When choosing harnesses to carry, we considered all of these typical problems and tried to find harnesses that were a step above the rest. Jenny and I are confident you will find all harnesses we carry to be great, but there are differences. On the next page we outline what makes each harness unique and what its best uses are. Hopefully this will make your decision a little easier. When reviewing the harness comparison page it is important to keep in mind the primary use for the harness, your dog's size and current behavior, and what leash accessories might be complimentary. Remember, if you have further questions, please contact us.

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